1. eric ernest

    Vintage 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. Hot Hero Sandwich? Remember?

    This was a post of mine on Instagram: 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. It was 1978 and Disco was king....then a few things started to happened....Van Halen erupted onto the scene. AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Rush, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and some others were setting the stage for what was to come....the...
  2. M

    NGD Dean Dime Stealth Slime !

    Heya forum dwellers, Got a new guitar and decided to post some details for other people that are searching like I did for info prior to buying one of these. It's made at WMI Korea and its build quality is exactly what you would expect from them. It's the third guitar in this price range that I...

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