1. yeatzee

    Is it Worth It Upgrading From Custombuckers to Boutique PAF's? (Video)

    I went down the rabbit hole and tried swapping the stock custombuckers in my M2M R7/8 which I thought already sounded great to see if boutique PAF clones will make a difference. Went with the Righteous Sounds RAF set based on positive reviews I had seen stating they give a more clear tone...
  2. J

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Custombucker S pickups These pickups came out of a recent CME Gibson R9. They are a slightly lower wind than stock Custombuckers. Extremely hard to find as Gibson has never sold them separately. They are...
  3. deadringer


  4. sw532121

    FS: OX4 Carter Vintage Wind, Gibson Custombuckers

    For sale are the following pickups. All are 100% functional. Price is shipped & pp'd to the Continental U.S. DCR measurements taken in my office at 70 degrees F. (Special shoutout to the Visual Guy for the use of his demos). OX4 Carter Vintage Guitars Wind - $OLD ($275) $OLD Bridge - 8.43K...
  5. 519tbarr

    Custombucker pole pieces on R8 2016

    OK... Does anyone know why or have experienced with their reissues that have Custombuckers as to why the pole pieces are unevenly setup out of the box? Yes I have attached a picture of my R8. I almost didn’t want to ask this question, but also did not want to mess around with the pickups on this...
  6. prolik

    Need help identify '57 or Custombucker?!

    Hello! I recently bought and installed this pickups. Seller described them as Custom Buckers. I'm not sure is this true. Is it possible those are just regular Gibson 57 Classic pickups? They look very similar and I need help identify this ones. I installed them on Yamaha 335 style guitar and...
  7. blix


    Custombuckers from my 2016 R7 vos. 8 kohms and 8 kohms, alnico 3 Leads 10”+ neck and 6”+ bridge Pickup set only, no mounting hardware included. Sold....
  8. J

    Wizz for sale?

    anybody have some Wizz A4 magnet pickups they aren’t using and want to sell me? Looking for a typical 7.6-7.7 ohm neck and 8.2-8.4 ohm bridge set. Don’t care about bobbin color, prefer the covers with me if you have some...thanks guys!
  9. J

    2013 Gibson Custombuckers from my R7

    These custombuckers are from my 2013 Gibson Historic Collection '57 VOS Reissue Goldtop. The price is for the pair (both pickups). They sound fantastic and are perfectly balanced. The neck measures 8.1 ohms and the bridge measures 8.2 ohms. They have great note clarity and have a very nice...

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