1. DeafDumbBlind Kid

    SOLD: 2020 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa '58 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty $800 plus ship

    SOLD: my 2020 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa '58 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty triple pickup. This beauty weighs a svelte 9 pounds 2.9 ounces, which is quite light for a Les Paul Custom. It is in immaculate condition, played in a non-smoking environment, and stored in its case when not used. The case...
  2. notslavvy

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with Maple Board (2011) Limited Run (OPEN TO OFFERS THIS WEEK ONLY)

    Here we have a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with a rare Maple Board! Based on the LPC’s with Maple boards from 77-79. It’s a 1/100 run to my understanding. Plays just as good as my M2M, but am selling both to fund a project, so this too must go. Only one tiny imprint on the...
  3. Nemisis608

    Les Paul Custom

    I recently bought an EPIPHONE Custom Prophecy Plus. I’ve seen only one picture in the wine red, but it does Not match the head stock. Anyone have a clue about this style inlay?
  4. O

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus HCS 2010

    Hello guys. Yesterday I was going through the items available at my local auction house and I spotted this Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Nobody bought it during the live auction so …impulse buy… I went in with an offer and I got it for 180 euros (~$215). I haven’t seen a Custom with a Sunburst...
  5. notslavvy

    Gibson Custom Shop Made to Measure M2M Les Paul Custom (2014) in Honey Flame (9.67lbs) MINT (TAKING OFFERS THIS WEEK ONLY)

    Here we have a Gibson Custom Shop Made to Measure Les Paul Custom in Honey Flame with an AA flame top This one of a kind custom order includes a 50’s neck profile, poker chip card suit toggle switch, Ebony board (not richlite) and gold hardware with lightly flamed maple top in a “Honey Flame...
  6. G


    Very very clean condition from 2004 Includes pickguard, COA, OHSC and all the case candy! All original in Cherry Sunburst finish with gold hardware. Neck: 7.7 Bridge: 8.5 readings measured off a short pedal cable. Bathroom scale says 9.6 pounds. $3500 free shipping west of the Mississippi...
  7. notslavvy


    Very good condition but has a few dings, see photos. Overall incredible axe Would love to clear $3500 after shipping and I’ll eat the PayPal fees 10/10 price drop 3250 + shipping Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Brazilian Series 2003 Serial # 379489 10 #215/500 Special Run Brazilian Rosewood...
  8. notslavvy


    Hi all, first post on here but I have 33 perfect transactions on ebay as sama-eliz, where you will currently find this guitar listed Limited Run of 200 from the Memphis Custom Shop EBay auction ended at 2475, buyer backed out, back on the market. $2800 OBO + Shipping, I'll eat the paypal fee...
  9. bossaddict

    Sold: 1973 Gibson '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom Limited Edition

    I'm chasing something really cool, so I'm going to have to get rid of something really cool. This time, it's my 1973 Gibson '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom. This guitar sounds really great, especially with that AlNiCo staple neck pickup. See below for a clip of me playing it (back when it had...
  10. xmacvicar

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Custom 2020 - but bad....

    I had my eye on this guitar since it was announced. I always wanted a black beauty custom, and this was a chance to get an affordable one! I got one yesterday here in Canada and I came home and rocked out hard for an hour or two. I realized the intonation was a bit off so I started fine...
  11. geekrobot

    SOLD: 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio - First Year - Natural Finish - Shaw PAFs

    Hi MLP, Up for sale is a really cool first year 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Made in the USA, this is the first edition of Gibson's Les Paul Studio line. Ebony board, Tim Shaw humbuckers, natural finish (looks almost like aged white or tv yellow!), all original with OHSC. 9.0 lbs. One minor...
  12. J

    WTB: Les Paul Custom 1954 Reissue

    Looking for one from 2015 or newer, all mahogany body (no maple cap), under 9 lbs. been wanting one of these alnico staple pup models for quite awhile. If you have one you might move along please let me know! Thanks!
  13. 1st LP TookLongEnough

    1990 Gibson Firebird Custom Shop Inverness Green

    Hello, Recently on youtube there was a channel giving away a 1990 Gibson Firebird Custom Shop in Inverness Green with the pearl pickguard with a black bird on it. Unfortunately, I did not win that guitar. But ever since I have not been able to stop thinking about that guitar. I have searched...
  14. M


  15. E

    [QUESTION] Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Back 2011 LTD Custom Shop

    Hi there, fellas! I fell in love with this guitar ( Pictures! images got compressed :/ ) when I bought it 7 years ago for $600, it has been played quite a lot so it has bit of wear and tear to it. The thing is, now I want to sell it, but I don't now what to ask for it. No clue really. It's...
  16. L

    Pickups for Orville by Gibson LP Custom 3

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Forum. I am currently owning a Orville By Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 from 1990. I bought this guitar nearly half a year ago and am very happy with it. At the moment, according to the previous owner and some OBG brochures, it has all the 3 original...
  17. PierM

    Waiting for this.....ES-275 Custom SB

    Pulled the trigger on a (new) ES-275 Custom, hollow body. It’s a rare bird already, and I love the concept. I’ll post pics of the guitar as soon as arrives at home... :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :thumb: The 2018 Gibson ES-275 Custom in Sunset Burst finish is a reinvented classic archtop designed...
  18. U

    Silverburst Custom Hunting in Japan

    Hi folks, Thought I'll introduce myself quickly. Thirty something guy in Singapore, played only an Epi Les Paul for the first 10 years of playing but now am lucky enough to own a bunch of nice Gibson LPs, including some unusual ones like a Bonabyrd, a Red Satin Widow Custom and a Voodoo. I have...
  19. MCT

    FS: 2009 History SH-LCV, Very Good-to-Excellent Condition, with NOS Mallory caps and Sigil pickups- $950 plus shipping

    Hi all, I’m also selling this 2009 History SH-LCV, decked with NOS Mallory caps and Sigil Session Series Holy Grail ‘59 pickups. Listed it for $1,100 on Reverb, but would let it go for $950 plus shipping for the good people of MLP forum. History SH-LCV 2009 Black...
  20. bossaddict

    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Here's the latest victim of my recent spending spree. 2018 Fender American Original '60s Telecaster. These were designed to be a combination of features from a vintage 1960s Custom Telecaster. In particular, they feature the double bound body, Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fretboard, and...