1. E

    [QUESTION] Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Back 2011 LTD Custom Shop

    Hi there, fellas! I fell in love with this guitar ( Pictures! images got compressed :/ ) when I bought it 7 years ago for $600, it has been played quite a lot so it has bit of wear and tear to it. The thing is, now I want to sell it, but I don't now what to ask for it. No clue really. It's...
  2. L

    Pickups for Orville by Gibson LP Custom 3

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Forum. I am currently owning a Orville By Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 from 1990. I bought this guitar nearly half a year ago and am very happy with it. At the moment, according to the previous owner and some OBG brochures, it has all the 3 original...
  3. PierM

    Waiting for this.....ES-275 Custom SB

    Pulled the trigger on a (new) ES-275 Custom, hollow body. It’s a rare bird already, and I love the concept. I’ll post pics of the guitar as soon as arrives at home... :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :thumb: The 2018 Gibson ES-275 Custom in Sunset Burst finish is a reinvented classic archtop designed...
  4. U

    Silverburst Custom Hunting in Japan

    Hi folks, Thought I'll introduce myself quickly. Thirty something guy in Singapore, played only an Epi Les Paul for the first 10 years of playing but now am lucky enough to own a bunch of nice Gibson LPs, including some unusual ones like a Bonabyrd, a Red Satin Widow Custom and a Voodoo. I have...
  5. MCT

    FS: 2009 History SH-LCV, Very Good-to-Excellent Condition, with NOS Mallory caps and Sigil pickups- $950 plus shipping

    Hi all, I’m also selling this 2009 History SH-LCV, decked with NOS Mallory caps and Sigil Session Series Holy Grail ‘59 pickups. Listed it for $1,100 on Reverb, but would let it go for $950 plus shipping for the good people of MLP forum. History SH-LCV 2009 Black...
  6. bossaddict

    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Here's the latest victim of my recent spending spree. 2018 Fender American Original '60s Telecaster. These were designed to be a combination of features from a vintage 1960s Custom Telecaster. In particular, they feature the double bound body, Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fretboard, and...
  7. P

    Scratch on Gibson Les Paul Custom!

    I’m looking into buying a nice Les Paul Custom in really good condition this weekend but the seller just notified me that there’s a very light scratch on the body. Based on the picture, does this look like something easy/cheap to fix? In your experience how much would this cost for a luthier to...
  8. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom, Natural

    Up for sale is my 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in original Natural finish. It is in good working order, but does have a bit of natural play wear on the body and the back of the neck, including some circular wear marks from possibly a capo. On the body, there is a bit of arm wear, such that the...
  9. Matt_21

    LF: My 1983 GoldBurst Custom

    Hey guys, A few years ago I stupidly sold my 1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom Goldburst. I would really like to get it back if I can find it. I did a deal with a member here at the time but, he may not be active here any more. It was an '83, had a gold Bigsby and the original tailpiece in the case...
  10. deadringer

    FS: 2015 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones Magna’Trons Bigsby Charcoal Frost Metallic

    Selling a custom ordered Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones with a Bigsby in Charcoal Frost Metallic nitro finish. Tortoise shell pickguard. Double bound body with a 9.5” neck radius and a rosewood fretboard that has binding and mother of pearl block inlays. Lightly tinted quarter...
  11. LP Axcess Custom 5

    LP Axcess Custom 5

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  12. LP Axcess Custom 4

    LP Axcess Custom 4

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  13. LP Axcess Custom 2

    LP Axcess Custom 2

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  14. LP Axcess Custom 1

    LP Axcess Custom 1

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  15. Jewel the Sapphire

    Antiques Roadshow-- 1955 Les Paul Custom

    Hey y'all this black beauty was found on the TV program Antiques Roadshow, cheers
  16. PierM

    I did it... Gibson LPC RK, roll back to correct 54 specs (and I will never look back!)

    After my honeymoon with my LPC Robby Krieger 54, I decided to pull the trigger and roll it back to full 54 specs, with Staple alnico 5, Correct Waffleback tuners, Vintage ABR1, Vintage Speedknobs (not repros), vintage strap buttons. Jebus, this thing now sounds absolutely mindblowing. The voice...
  17. eric ernest

    1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind.

    Check out this unique one-of-a-kind vintage Gibson double neck guitar. Enjoy! 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind. 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind. 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin...
  18. bossaddict

    Refin of 2018 American Original Tele

    I got this 2018 American Original Custom Telecaster several months ago and it's a great guitar, but I want a different finish on it. It's currently (and stock) Fiesta Red. I always kind of planned on having it refinished anyway, but I also just got a Super Faded Fiesta Red Custom Shop '64 Strat...
  19. FB_IMG_1501039345628.jpg


    gibby and my '07 SRV stratocaster.
  20. egrassel

    Sold Please Delete

    Just picked this up - but ALSO just got laid off SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO f me right? Up for grabs is this 2018 (finished 11/18, and picked up by me a on 12/18) 1954 Les Paul Custom - weird story with this one. This was ordered by my local shop, for a really good customer of theirs. They didnt take...

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