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  1. Lucaslongoria

    Semi hollow build

    This is a build designed by ejendres. he and I are building the same guitar, we will see who's guitar is better! First I started with the neck, a piece of Honduras mahogany, this was my first time doing a scarf joint and it actually turned out pretty well. It's at 13 degree angle. My table saw...
  2. A

    LP Personal Clone

    Hi Community, I bought my first LP (Deluxe) in 1974 after years longing for the LPs I saw in the hands of Peter Green and Duane Allman. My professional work was performed mostly with my modified Deluxe and a 1982 LP Pro Deluxe. Fast-forward 30-years and I find myself 'jonesing' for an instrument...
  3. Mr. Beef

    James Hetfield Flying V

    I had this posted in the Custom Shop area, but since it's not an LP, I thought I should create a thread over here. Just finished this baby up and I' proud of the result. Looks and plays excellent! Hetfield Electra Flying V by Mr. Beef posted Sep 23, 2017 at 11:37 PMHetfield Electra Flying V...

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