1. G

    Raw Nickel Covers for my Epiphone - Help!

    Hi! I want to buy raw nickel covers for my Epiphone Tribute 1960+ with Gibson 57 and 57+ pickups. I am between these two PLT options:
  2. F

    2021 LP Special Tribute P90 Project

    Hi everyone, first time posting as I’d never owned a Gibson before. I recently got a 2021 LP Special Tribute P90 and I am replacing the PCB guts with handwired everything, CTS pots, Emerson Bumblebee caps and Lollar 50s wind pickups. I took the original guts of the LP Special Tribute out and...
  3. Lolly

    My tribute to Ennio Morricone: Kemper guitars!

    Hi Amp modeling friends! Here's a little tribute to the master Ennio Morricone: all guitars are Kemper. I hope You like it!
  4. episode666

    Any Toto fans?

    Hi folks, my band did a Toto cover for I will remember. Recently we made a play through video. We have a guest singer on this one, Dino Jelusc - USA folks might know him from the Transsibberian orchestra tour from last couple of years.
  5. Yofresh

    Wolves - Electric Guitar Cover - Selena Gomez & Marshmello

    What do you think?!
  6. TheWGuitar

    Totally didn't intend to coincide with "Eclipse Day"...

    ...but that's how it turned out! "We're only several miles from the sun...." Enjoy the newest project from my buddies and me. "The Sun" from Maroon 5's debut album in '02.
  7. TheWGuitar


    This song is, anyway. Almost a year ago, I did a time-lapse video of slapping together a beater Telecaster for a "future project". That would be this. I took two wonderful vacations last year, saw two different oceans in the same year, and took the Tele with me on both trips to work on this...

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