1. Itsallovernow

    Limited Edition LP from 2003ish

    OK here is the deal, I used to work at a very large Canadian musical instrument retailer from 2002-2004. While working there I had the privilege of buying expensive Gibson product at cost and treated myself to a sweet all white LP classic limited edition, factory equipped with an EMG 81/85...
  2. My Les Pauls

    My Les Pauls

    Here is a gathering of the Les Pauls in my collection.
  3. 2000classic-48.jpg


    2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic - Trans Amber
  4. nandakorewa

    Peavey Classic 20

    Hello, my area of selection isn't big, I found a guy who sells a Peavey Classic 20, told me it's around 20 years old, says its USA made and handcrafted and says all hardware is original, hes asking for 320 USD, is the amp worth it? what can you tell me about it, also is it worth the extra mile...
  5. Tobaccoburst83

    Show me your Les Paul Classics (1960 Reissue!)

    Hi Classic-players, Please show me your Classics. 90s, 2000s, but only 1960s RIs, so not the new Classics. :-) Especially Honeybursts and Vintage Sunbursts would be awesome. I would like to see the finish differences over the years. Thanks! René
  6. GibsonKramer

    Want a 'R6' Gold Top? Cheap?

    I received a mailer, earlier this year with a signature Custom Shop R7 (I think) Gold Top. Dude that plays in SNL band. Gorgeous guitar. They wanted like $2,000 over R* prices for that guitar. Hell, they want more than I paid for my '57 Black Beauty (used, but still). :shock: On a COLD DAY IN...
  7. J

    '04 Classic Help/Info

    Going to check out a possible purchase this weekend, out of state, and I'm bringing a trade just in case. The item is a 04 Gibson Les Paul Classic in Black with original pups and an added aftermarket bigsby b7 in great condition. I'm relatively new (<5 years) and I don't have much experience...
  8. waltschwarzkopf

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Limited Run in Honeyburst

    Hi guys, Up for sell my beloved Classic in great condition. Documents, keys, case, even the strings are original. Sounds great and plays great! I'm only asking 1530CHF for it. (Let's assume 1CHF=1USD). I'm willing to ship worldwide, but the shipping is paid by the buyer and full payment has to...
  9. waltschwarzkopf

    Thinking about selling my LP Classic Ltd Run.

    Hi guys, I while ago I bought a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plain Top Limited Run in honey. Top condition, documents, key, case, even the strings are original. Sounds great and plays great. However, I don't play it that much... I have other guitars, among which other Gibson LPs, so I'm...
  10. W

    Purchasing from a pawn shop

    Hi there, I was curious if anyone had any advice for purchasing from a pawn shop. I found a nice 2011 Blue classic on eBay and saw that it was at a pawn shop local to me and asked for their info to stop by this weekend. I have never had any reason to shop at a pawn shop ever so I’m not sure how...
  11. dcurran87

    Chips on new fretboard...would they bother you?

    I've just changed the strings on my new 2018 Classic GT and noticed several "chips" out if the fretboard, presumably from some sort of tool used in factory..? A few of them go up to the frets and expose some of the fret base..but I don't think this is anything to worry about long term? The...
  12. dcurran87

    NGTD (take 2) 2018 Classic

    About three weeks ago my new wife handed me this brown Gibson case on the day of our wedding, having known that a 2018 Classic GT was the first thing I was planning on buying as soon as the wedding dust settled (lucky guy I know!). I've been craving one of these since they were released, a...
  13. Dropq

    Sold. Please Delete.

    A great example of an earlier Suhr. I believe her to be from 2009, right as they started their relic finishes. The sonic blue finish has a light relic job that shows some awesome checking. Papers show the case as being tweed, however it came with the standard black G+G case. The neck is the...
  14. S

    TRhoughts on Fishman Fluence (classic and modern)?

    Just wondering what you guys thought about them. Was considering trying the modern set , but 300 dollars is a lot cash for something I may not like. I haeard the have 2 separate voicing for each pickup.
  15. bossaddict

    Sold: 2016 Marshall AST1C Astoria Classic 30-watt 1x12" Handwired Tube Combo Amp - $1795

    I've decided to sell my Marshall Astoria Classic combo. I got it brand new from Sweetwater in July 2017. It has only been used in my music room and at low to (occasionally) moderate volume. I'm only selling as I recently got a Friedman Small Box combo and am going with that for my drive sound...
  16. JonCanfield

    FS: 2018 Les Paul Classic Pelham Blue

    New price drop! I've decided to sell my 2018 LP Classic in Pelham Blue. Beautiful guitar, in mint condition. I just find myself not grabbing it when I play - it's always the Standard. Honestly, I bought it because it's so damn pretty. Includes all the case candy, film is still on the pick guard...
  17. B

    What model is this?

    Hi guys just hoping to find out more about a les paul im interested in. Seller says its a 2002 classic with switched pickups and controls. Hower the the inlays aren't green, the logo says "model" insteed of "classic" the truss rod cover is blank and the top doesnt like plain. Heres a link...
  18. Destroythevoice

    Decided to save up and invest...

    I think I definitely want a Les Paul goldtop classic 2017... Really liked the way it felt and played. But truly want a guitar that will AGE with time.. whether it be 10 years from now.. or 50 years from now. I just want it to get old and age well.. Do the newer Gibsons age at all? Or are...
  19. GibsonKramer

    NGD 2018 Pelham Blue

    Finally got my Pelham Blue Les Paul, and she's certainly a beauty. Today has been a very long day already. Played her in the store for a while, while it was checked in, then checked out. Took her home, snapped some beauty shots. I still have to hang a new hanger (NEWSFLASH: GC blowing out...
  20. samuk

    First Post: Les Paul 'Fifty17 Goldtop'

    Hi everyone, I'm new to MLP - so hello! Having dreamed of owning one since the age of 13 (I'm now 28...), I recently bought my first Gibson Les Paul here in London. It's a 2017 Classic Gold Top with some (mainly superficial, overpriced and unashamedly vanity driven) mods... Having played...

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