cherry sunburst

  1. StuntGuitarist

    NGD! Murphy... I mean Meth Lab Aged 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Alright. Alright. This was a purchase I hadn’t planned on making right now, but I had to snag it. A purchase I made while in bed with the flu, which makes it even funnier. This is Scar. (Tentative pet name?) A 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Previously owned by Edward Scissorhands. I have NO...
  2. Twangmeister

    NO LONGER FOR SALE: 2007 Gibson CR8 Chambered Les Paul Historic RI

    I'm a long-time member on TGP and TDPRI. 100% rating on eBay as "Fendertwangmeister," and 5-star rating on Reverb. Hit me up with any questions or if you would like more photos. Asking 3400/PP & shipped or meet up in Southern California. All reasonable offers considered! No trades, thanks. 2007...
  3. Jewel the Sapphire

    First time buying from Japan

    I have wanted to use one of the Yahoo Japan websites to buy this guitar and ended up using Rinkya. I have no idea whether or not Rinkya was the least expensive choice as far as fees and shipment costs to the US. Rinkya was the first Yahoo Japan site to successfully process a payment for my...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    1960 Tribute Plus NGD

    Picked up one of those Epiphone 1960 Tribute Plus models used! Quite heavy and resonant! Problems it had were a broken pickup ring and "the gibson hump" to the upper frets on the neck.
  5. J_Euphoria

    NGD: Made in Korea Cherry Sunburst Les Paul w/ Birdseye Maple Top!

    I was cruising offer and I stumbled upon this beauty! $200 US dollars got me this beauty along with an Epiphone hard case, 2 packs of Ernie Ball strings, and a cable. I got super lucky! The top is gorgeous and the mahogany back is simply stunning. I've own a few vintage Gibson Les Pauls i nay...
  6. XCALlber

    Gibson R8 1 of 25 Double Carve prototype #6 *For Sale* Gibson Custom Shop R8 1 of 25 Double Carve Prototype #6 $4499
  7. XCALlber

    Gibson Custom Shop R8 Double Carve Prototype #6 For sale

    Gibson Custom 1958 Reissue Double Carve Prototype #6

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