1. Bertrand

    Norlin era's gear

    Hello there! :) I'm asking you guys because i know there are specialists about that. :hmm: Here is the thing : Actually i'm trying to "reunit" original gears that used to come with the guitar when it was new : the case, the hand tag, official documents, care kit (sometimes?) etc. But i'm...
  2. ThisGuy

    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    On Hold - Sale Pending I am selling an as-new Gibson Premium Soft Case which came with my 2018 LP Faded. The case has never been used save for transportation home from the shop when the guitar was purchased new, and has occupied space in the mancave closet since. There are no wear marks...
  3. deadringer


  4. M

    Please Delete

    I decided to keep it
  5. LesPeterGuitarJam

    Gibson USA vs Gibson Hard Shell Cases.. whats the difference?

    about gibson hardshell cases. why does some cases say gibson usa and others only say gibson? my working theory is that gibson usa cases are sold within the states, while cases only say gibson is outside the states?? or maby gibson nashville vs gibson custom?? i live in denmark and i recently...
  6. G

    2016 HP Gibson Aluminum Case - $200

    Les Paul case. This thing is heavy duty. Has some scratches and dings but nothing crazy. I used this to protect my R8 and it did it well. I'm in lansing michigan if local works for you, if not I can ship. $250 shipped
  7. J

    Case for 2010 Gibson Faded Les Paul Junior SC

    Hey all, Last week I purchased a 2010 Gibson Faded Les Paul Junior Singlecut. It came with a gig bag. I LOVE the guitar but would like a case that is significantly more secure. At Guitarcenter they told me that the normal Gibson Les Paul cases do not fit the Junior because of the flattop...
  8. Oldhand

    New member question about cases.

    Hello, glad to be part of this esteemed group! Pictures are pending, sorry to start off that way. Will a Gibson LP Classic case fit my Gibson LPM? Thanks, Oldhand 2011 Epiphone Ultra 2015 Gibson LPM 2016 Ibanez acoustic electric 1960 Fiddle
  9. Sournote

    Sold - Helix Backpack - NIB

    Finally got my Helix Backpack which was included when I bought my Helix LT, however it took nearly 6 weeks to get to me, and I got antsy and pulled the trigger on a hard case before it arrived. So, I have a brand new, never opened, Helix Backpack available. Thinking $125 PP Gift, Shipped CONUS...
  10. Dangitdan

    Vanilla Smell

    I know there are other, older threads, but a friend and I went into a long discussion about it last night and I think we hit some good points and came up with a reasonable answer. I've heard different stories about that smell... Ooh ooh, that smeeeeeelllll! 1. A dealer told me they actually...
  11. treyrab

    FS: 1999 Lifton Gibson Les Paul Case w/ Historic Makeover Aging - Free Overnight Shipping

    Hi Everyone - I recently purchased a vintage 50's Lifton, so I am selling my reissue aged case. The case started its life as a 1999 Lifton Reissue case - Like this one -, which are typically thought of as being the most realistic '59 cases that Gibson has made. I then...
  12. jor1958

    Burst case logo?

    I have a 59 Burst with the original case. The case has a guitar store logo fixed to it - with the script 'Hugo Music Center' - see photo attached. Does anyone know anything about this guitar store - where was it located etc? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Ben C

    2009 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Plaintop with Duncan SH-1's

    Hi, I'm new here, but am selling my somewhat rare Epiphone Classic Plain Top Paul. From what I gather, it was a Limited Edition, Custom Shop model from 2009. Open pups, but mine have had the originals swapped out for Seymour Duncan SH-1s in the neck and bridge. I rewired it to 50's wiring and...