1. treyrab

    FS: 1960 Gibson Les Paul, 60th Anniversary, Killer Top, Custom Shop

    Hi Everyone. I am selling my 2020 1960 Les Paul (Custom Shop, 60th Anniversary). It's in like-new, VOS, unplayed condition (no marks/dings). Original case and all paperwork. Looking for $4,950 OBO. I will ship overnight at no cost (within the US) to make sure it arrives safely. Cheers!
  2. J

    FS: Gibson 1959 Les Paul True Historic Dirty Lemon Tom Murphy Aged Big Top

    Here is one of the most desirable 1959 reissues out there. This is a 2015 True Historic dirty lemon personally hand aged by the legendary Tom Murphy himself (not a “Murphy Labs” guitar). This one has arguably the best top that was put out on one of the these guitars. Absolutely massive wide...
  3. Kansas_LP

    2019 Gibson Classic Honeyburst available

    $1650 plus $50 shipping More photos can be sent following request... I would consider this guitar Mint condition Thanks for viewing - Frank
  4. geese_com

    SOLD: Burst Replica - BOTB 9 0640 inspired

    I don't play electric much these days, so I am reluctantly listing my Burst replica for sale to help fund the purchase of a vintage acoustic. It is inspired by 9 0640 from the page 54-44 of The Beauty of the Burst book. I probably have only played it a handful of times since I got it in the...
  5. bossaddict

    '59 Burst delivered to its new owner

    I just watched this and thought you all might enjoy it...
  6. J

    Burst Refinish Questions?

    How much should it cost to strip and refinish/spray just the top of a Les Paul with a classic cherry sunburst? Either nitro or poly. I'm not close to any shops I am aware of that do spray finishes. I called Elderly and got someone in their repair shop who said it would be about $2500 but he...
  7. J

    WTB: wide ribbony R9

    Hey guys, if you have a monster top you’re looking to move, message me. Needs to be wide ribbony flame and 2013 or newer. Bourbon burst, factory burst, lemon etc. Just missed one that sold from MGL last week as well if anyone knows where that one ended up? Thanks!
  8. T

    Bursts Weight (1958-1960)

    I searched if the topic already existed but couldn't find one, so i made a statistics for the average weights for Gibson Les Pausl in the years 1958-1960 (the Burst years), and came with these numbers: 1958 - average weight: 4.148 Kg = 9.144 lbs 1959 - average weight: 4.004 Kg = 8.828 lbs 1960...
  9. harry.evanz

    UK vintage makeover

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first Les Paul; either Classic, Traditional, or Standard in gold top. After a while of having it as the stock gold top I'm hoping to send it into a guitar makeover service similar to Historic Makeovers. The issue is that I live in the UK, so sending it into HM...
  10. TVBob

    Books about Gibson Les Paul, 'Burst & more, NEW VIDEO

    A point on the most fascinating publications about Les Pauls, the "'Burst mystique" & more stories... I hope you enjoy!
  11. J

    FS: Wizz Hot Lanta PUPs

    I’m selling a rare set of Wizz PUPs wound hot to simulate Duane’s Hot Lanta burst. The neck reads 8.36 ohms, the bridge reads 8.77 ohms. A4 magnets, covers never removed, zebra bobbins underneath. Need to clear $350 after shipping and fees. Pm me for pics. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. Will...
  12. bossaddict

    Redeye on The Tonight Show

    Saw this the other night and thought it was cool to see a high-profile Burst up close and personal on network television.
  13. treyrab

    FSOT: 2006 Fender Nocaster 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Tele (Mint, 6.8lbs)

    Hi All - Since I was fortunate enough to buy a real Blackguard Telecaster, I am selling (or trading) my 1951 Custom Shop Reissue Nocaster. About the Nocaster: It is a 2006, "like-new" unplayed condition. Only 6.8lbs. Large, flame-maple neck. Comes with an original HSC and all the case-candy...
  14. S

    SOLD 2006 Gibson Les Paul Plus Top $1200

    2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Cherry burst Plus Top. It has a nice flame. Burstbucker Pro pickups. Original tuners replaced with Grovers. Non-original hardshell case Guitar has a headstock repair and a LOT of scratches & dings but plays & sounds fantastic. I tried to show as much damage as I...
  15. treyrab

    FS: 1958 Gibson ES - Mint Condition, Original Lifton Hardshell Case

    I am selling an original 1958 Gibson ES-125T. I purchased this from the original family in Kansas last year, but the guitar is not really my style. Would rather it go to someone who would appreciate it. Comes with original brown case ("Lifton" badge inside). The guitar is nearly unplayed - all...
  16. S

    Sheptone AB Custom Humbucker Set

    Sheptone AB Customs Sheptone VERY accurate take on a set of 1959 Humbucker PAF’s 6.5/10 Cosmetic 10/10 Functionality Specs: Alnico 5 Magnets (neck & bridge) 42 Plain Enamel Wire 4-Conductor Split-Coil Wiring 8.18K NECK 8.41K BRIDGE Price: $190 Shipped IMG_0195 by Scero Guitars posted...
  17. J

    FS: Art of Aging Switch Ring

    This was ordered from Crazy Parts in Germany. It is a slightly aged bone finish. Very authentic switch ring. I sold the guitar I was going to install this on so never used it. $15 PPG shipped to you. Thanks for looking. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only.
  18. J

    FS: Unused Art Of Aging humbucker mounting rings

    These were ordered from crazy parts in Germany. They were designed after original burst rings. Slightly aged bone finish. I sold the guitar I was going to install them on so never used them. Also comes with aged mounting screws. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. $35 PPG shipped to you. Thanks for...
  19. treyrab

    NGD - Vintage 1959 ES-345 TDSV

    Aloha folks! I thought I would share a cool new vintage ES that I recently found. Those who know me understand that I just can't say "No" to any vintage ES, but particularly '59 ES-345s, which I think are very special guitars. I didn't currently have a Sunburst, so found one and added it to...
  20. mrslash

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Lemonburst VOS

    She's finally here, in all her glory!! 2016 GIBSON LES PAUL R9 1959 LEMONBURST VOS I've been dreaming about one of these reissues for years now, got to play a few in the last years, tried SHs, THs, etc, etc, but boy I finally found THE ONE that plays right for me. I'm absolutely in love...

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