1. J_Euphoria

    DIY Guitar Kit Build: 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great Winter season so far! To jump straight to the point, I have built a 1959 Les Paul out of DIY Kit I got from AliExpress. I was heavily inspired by Gibson's 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul. I just loved the "heart" design at the center of...
  2. etzeppy

    Amp Build: Marshall 18 Watt (Trinity 18)

    When it comes to amps, I've always been a Fender guy. I have been interested in something British and toyed with getting a Marshall Class 5. I have built a few pedals and I'm not completely terrible with a soldering iron. I got brave and decided to build my own Marshall 18 watt amp. I opted to...
  3. M

    First build lp seeking advice!

    Hi chaps and chappettes! I've started my first build and am seeking some advice. I'm a little stumped on neck angle etc. My template was a 59 LP but my top is flat (didn't want to carve on my first attempt), body depth is 50mm total and my top is 5mm. Have I screwed myself over with a top not...
  4. Cjsinla

    Tweed Vibrolux Build

    I ordered this kit some time back from Mojotone on March 19. They seem to be backed up as it looks like they are moving part of their operation to larger facilities. The site states that many kits ship out in 3 days but that the wait time fore cabinets was 4 to 6 weeks. The chassis, trannys and...
  5. Cjsinla

    65 Deluxe RI Overhaul Questions

    Has anyone here taken out the Deluxe RI PCB’s and dropped in a hand wired board? Given the prices of used 65 reissues it looks like it’s possible to make your own hand wired unit for about $1000. But that price assumes that you are using the Fender iron, chassis, tubes, case and reverb.
  6. M

    Looking for 1958 Rickenbacker 325 plans

    So as many of you know, my 1959 Gibson Explorer build has kinda slowed down to a bit of a crawl. The cost of exact replica parts and vintage correct plastics, coupled with the rarity of 1 piece limba blanks have greatly extended the timetable for this build. Instead, I thought of something that...
  7. Cjsinla

    Mojotone VibroChamp Build

    I decided to post a thread about my experience with the Mojotone VibroChamp kit. I went with the stock kit, no substitutions. The kit was shipped in two boxes. The first shipment included everything but the cabinet. Mojotone ships all the parts in clearly labeled boxes. This is a nice touch...
  8. Windir

    1st(technically 2nd) scratch Les Paul-build

    Well, time to try again. My previous project was an epitome of failure and thus i have no will or interest to proceed with it. I'll start again and pray to all deities in existence that i can finally make it through without any big mistakes. I can't afford overpriced firewood, especially as i...
  9. Cjsinla

    Fender Super Tweed Build

    Everything arrived from Weber today. I'm already lost. Should I mount the choke in the middle or on the end?
  10. Hiltz390GT

    BYO KIT?

    Hey guys, same as a lot of people on here, i want to do a les paul build, BUT it has to be the right build. So, I'm pretty handy, but doing a scratch build is out of my league. I'm looking to get a pretty specific guitar out of my efforts, and the big thing for me is I want to be able to have a...
  11. M

    Gibson 1959 Explorer Replica build

    This is my first post here! A little bit about me, I am a 17 year old luthier named Ben and I have a fascination with building replica guitars to every detail possible. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, WI, where I went to see the 1959 Gibson Explorer they...
  12. Windir

    1st Les Paul Build-how to make an unplayable but expensive instrument.

    Finally, time to start building a les paul. I have waited this for years. So, i have now purchased lumber, some of the hardware, finishing supplies etc. I'll post pictures as i make progress.
  13. nuance97

    My 1st Guitar Build: A Les Paul... (duh)!

    Well I have been hanging around here for least one before I joined. I feel like I've have learned more here than I could have anywhere else, and I say THANK YOU to all of the ridiculously talented luthiers that post here. It is my turn to add something to the forum of some...

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