1. notslavvy

    PRS Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Brazilian Series (2003) Quilted Violin Amber (#215/500) PRICE DROP

    Very good condition but has a few dings, see photos. Overall incredible axe Would love to clear $3500 after shipping and I’ll eat the PayPal fees 10/10 price drop 3250 + shipping Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Brazilian Series 2003 Serial # 379489 10 #215/500 Special Run Brazilian Rosewood...
  2. J

    WTB: looking for this 2018 R9

    I’m looking to purchase this specific Brazilian board R9. Sn is 98061. It sold new from wildwood then resold through Mark’s Guitar Loft. Let me know! Thanks!
  3. B

    SOLD: 2019 Mario Martin S Strat Brazilian Fretboard Lollar PU PLEK’D 7lbs 2oz Avocado Mist

    2019 Mario Martin S Strat Brazilian Fretboard PLEK’D 7lbs 2oz Avocado Mist Plek’d at Righteous Guitars (Original Dealer). Looks like new. Just professionally setup at Thunder Road Guitars with D’Addario NYXL 9.5’s. Plays like a dream. Incredible, dark Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. BODY...

    SOLD - Gibson Les Paul TH 1959 Braz board

    Selling my 2015 R9 True Historic specs Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue that received a Historic makeover by the renowned Brian Monty: 1. Beautiful authentic old growth very dark Brazilian board 2. Also neck carve is shaped accurately for actual 59 with very small shoulders C-neck profile. 3...
  5. GuitarTalk

    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's my new gem (with photos below that leave little to the imagination): Model: 2018 1960 Les Paul with a Brazilian Fretboard Finish: Golden Poppy Burst, Gloss Run: Pre-Sold Limited, made for Wildwood (might be a one-off) Serial Number: 0 8002 Weight: 8.2 lb Neck...
  6. L

    FS: PRS McCarty Korina Limited - Brazilian Fretboard

    Not too many guitars make me say "Wow!" when I open the case. This one did. It's a stunning limited production McCarty with a korina body, dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and colorful pearl inlays. Near mint condition and has only been played in my nonsmoking studio. Feels and plays great...
  7. GuitarTalk

    Kalamazoo 60’s Rosewood?

    Hi guys, This may not be the right subforum for this question as it doesn’t necessarily apply to vintage les pauls (but rather ES-style Gibsons of the 60s): I have 1964/1965 ES-330, is there a possibility it has indian rosewood on it? I know that most sources say that the Kalamazoo plant...
  8. J

    Anyone know where this one went?

    2018 Brazilian board dirty lemon WW spec...I think a member here originally owned it then sold it to MGL then it disappeared...would like to put an offer out to whoever has it if anyone knows; thx
  9. J

    WTB this particular Brazilian board R9

    anyone have or know where this one might be? It sold new from HOG last year but they don’t have a record of where it went. Thanks guys!
  10. J

    WTB: 2018 Brazilian R9

    shoot me what you’ve got, thanks!
  11. PeteNJ75

    Post Your “Family” Photos

    Half the reason I come to this forum is to drool over other people’s guitars, so I thought we needed a thread like this. After doing a bunch of buying and selling over the past couple of months I finally feel like I have my little collection (if you can even call it that) where I want it, for...
  12. PeteNJ75

    NGD: 2018 Wildwood-Spec Murphy Painted & Aged R0 w/ Brazilian Board (one of only 6 made, ever)

    This was a case of incredibly lucky timing. I learned Wildwood had 15 Brazilian R0s made over the past 2 years, so I knew it was a real long shot to find one, but I just so happened to write Steve asking about them the same day (same hour?) this became available (someone had it on layaway but...
  13. PeteNJ75

    2003 Custom Shop 1959 R9 Les Paul Historic Reissue w/ Brazilian Fretboard - SOLD

    Up for sale is my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 R9 Historic Reissue in washed cherry finish with verified Brazilian rosewood fretboard. I'd say 9.3 out of 10 condition. Just some buckle worming on the back in a small area, but nothing through the finish and no dings or marks on the top. Speaking...
  14. P

    WTB Vintage Melody Maker D (1950/1960?), Epiphone Olympic, pre-1965 SG. Beaters/issues welcome.

    WTB - Vintage Melody Maker D (1950/1960?), Epiphone Olympic, pre-1965 SG. Beaters/issues welcome. Looking to get into some old wood. Wide nut, BRW is key. Open to beaters, issues, parts replacements, possibly headstock repairs, etc depending on condition and price. Would prefer to find...
  15. J

    NGD 2018 Dirty Lemon R9 Brazilian Board

    I got this last week and thought I would post an official thread for you guys. This one came from Curt at HOG after looking at many others for more than a year for me. This thing is just...KILLER!!! It’s the best Les Paul I’ve ever owned including a very spectacular 2015 True Historic R9 which...
  16. J

    WTB: this specific 2018 Brazilian board R9 reissue

    98E4B437-386E-4AF3-9F68-B824A25E3AC8 by jhs77 posted May 3, 2018 at 7:32 AM If you or someone you know has it, please let me know! Thanks guys! Sold in January at HOG
  17. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2007 R9 Les Paul, Historic Makeovers Deluxe (RDS) - NEW PICS

    EDIT 4/14/18: I added some new pics that I just took this morning in a new post, which shows the guitar as it will come (with the parts listed below). _____________________ I usually try to shy away from guitar-selling cliches and hyperbole, but... "I must be crazy" and similar lines are...
  18. T

    Possibly Brazilian?

    Does this possibly look like Brazilian? I suspect more than likely it is amazon from the guys statements of where it was acquired, but i have personally not seen Amazon with the color variation like this.
  19. treyrab

    1959 Single Cut Replica - Brazilian, Old Growth, Flamed Maple, etc.

    Hi All - I am selling a (new) 1959 Single Cut, Luthier-Built Replica. I had this built by one of the top luthiers (it takes him about 3 months) and during that time I bought a Les Paul conversion, which is satisfying my Old-Growth needs. Thus, I am putting this up for sale. It has old-growth...
  20. treyrab

    A HistoricMakeovers NGD - Skinnerburst^2!

    Hi All - This was a fun project that Kim and I conjured up recently. This Les Paul started its life as a 2017 Gibson Historic. Given the maple reminded us both of the Skinnerburst, we decided to go all-out and try to recreate it. Here's the final product and some fun pictures for you all...

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