bourbon burst

  1. J

    FS: 2004 Gibson “Hot ‘Lanta” Les Paul 1959 Reissue

    Here is the closest guitar you will ever see to Duane Allman’s original “Hot Lanta” burst. Unbelievably similar gull flame pattern. This is a 2004 that was originally sold by Ronn David at Vintage World. Absolutely spectacular top (deep, wide and flitch matched just like Duane's). The color is...
  2. GibsonKramer

    NGD x 2 - Pic Heavy - GAS inducing. 2006 and 2018.

    Been a while, it seems. Think the last LP I bought, was the Golden Pearl? There's really just not much else out there, I'm looking for. I still want a white Custom, and a EVH R/W/B. Though, not sure when, and from what period. Yeah, I've got a lot of guitars. But, I do play them all. My pecking...
  3. chrisnatx

    2017 Les Paul Standard HP: Help me with some tough choices...

    First of all, Hello all. This is my first post/thread. I recently purchased my first Les Paul (had a long history with acoustics and PRS electric). I found a really good deal on a like-new 2017 LP Standard HP, in Bourbon Burst. See its specs HERE I could really use some help with some choices...
  4. deadringer


  5. GuitarTalk

    The Most Beautiful Les Paul I Ever Did See

    Ill let these photos do the talking :photos::run: NGD: Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 2017 Bourbon Burst, AAA Tiger Flame Maple Top (it sounds even better than it looks) :):):)IMG_2984 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:24 PMIMG_2991 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:38 PMIMG_2990 by...
  6. deadringer

    FS: 2012 Gibson Les Paul '58 RI Chambered CR8 VOS Bourbon Burst

    Selling a 2012 Gibson Les Paul '58 Chambered Reissue CR8 VOS in Bourbon Burst. It has a very early 2012 serial number (CR82075) which makes it 2011 specs I believe. It even has a black booklet COA, as opposed to the later brown booklet COA. Excellent condition, has some extremely slight wear as...