1. sectado

    Metal tone?? Marshall jcm 800 2204 with bogner burnley!

    Hi!!! We tried to get a metal tone with a Marshall jcm 800 2204 with bogner burnley using a Guitar Schecter Tempest Custom!!! What do you think about this tone???
  2. Bogner Atma Amplifier

    Bogner Atma Amplifier

    Bogner's Atma guitar amplifier head (and cab or option combo version) is an all-tube powerhouse with tons of modified Marshal style tones. The classy aluminum chassis and grille add unique looks to any rig (it's also available in variousTolex options). This 3-channel multi-watt amplifier...
  3. dantahoua

    Phaez Sunset 22 amp (aka simplified Bogner XTC 101b)

    Hello there. I think there is a lot of Phaez amp users on this forum... So I thought I could post my quick demo of the Plexi channel of my Phaez Sunset amp. It's a 22w 6V6 two channel amp. I wanted a simpler Bogner Xtc 101b (I have one), that I can carry without breaking my back and with a more...
  4. hackenfort

    Please delete

    Peters Dual Channel Professional. Boutique Amp - $1499 Two for sale, your choice Looking for a local deal, within 100 miles of Syracuse NY (of if you want to ship - ie UPS Store boxing it up and such, get a quote UPS Store, 5701 East Circle Drive, Cicero NY (315) 452-3343.) I'll accept a MO or...

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