black beauty

  1. Marshall50w

    My 1978 Black Les Paul Custom

  2. BlayneT94

    Please help identify my les Paul

    I bought this at an auction years ago, it was missing parts and pieces so I just made it what I wanted with new equipment. In hindsight I wish I would’ve asked this first but any idea what year this les Paul custom is? Or if it’s fake? I didn’t pay very much for it so I wouldn’t be upset but I...
  3. Jewel the Sapphire

    Antiques Roadshow-- 1955 Les Paul Custom

    Hey y'all this black beauty was found on the TV program Antiques Roadshow, cheers
  4. M

    NGD Les Paul Black Beauty

    Got this recently. Weighs in at 10lbs and 12ozs. Even at that weight it feels "light" maybe due to the third humbucker routing? I havent fully played it yet. Waiting for a trusted luthier to come back from vacation. I want to form a zeppelin cover band now.
  5. egrassel

    Sold Please Delete

    Just picked this up - but ALSO just got laid off SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO f me right? Up for grabs is this 2018 (finished 11/18, and picked up by me a on 12/18) 1954 Les Paul Custom - weird story with this one. This was ordered by my local shop, for a really good customer of theirs. They didnt take...
  6. 519tbarr

    The Les Paul Custom is back!!! - Black Beauty 2019 - EBONY fingerboard returns!!!

    Finally!!! When I was a kid I absolutely loved the Les Paul Custom - Black Beauty. The standard old black beauty that was always available with an ebony fingerboard. I was just watching the new Anderton's video and the Gibson Rep says Ebony has returned to these guitars! That excites me...
  7. bossaddict

    NGD: 1973 Les Paul Custom '54 Reissue LE

    After going through a few Custom Shop '54 Reissue Black Beauties, I started looking for a '72-'74 version and eventually got this 1973 Reissue last week. The Historics were actually great, but this one has a little better feel to it in the neck department. Not quite as beefy. I really love the...
  8. E

    FS: 1971 Les Paul Custom

    I am selling my 1971 Les Paul Custom. I bought this guitar in 2004, and have barely played it in the last 8 years. The serial number is 913438 (the stamp is very light and difficult to see in the pictures). The guitar is in great condition for being 47 years old, but of course has some wear to...
  9. PeteNJ75

    *SOLD* 2015 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom VOS Reissue True Historic Spec (Ebony Board)

    Sorry - this guitar has been sold. Near mint condition 2015 '68 Les Paul Custom Historic VOS Reissue - super resonant unplugged (loudest of the 7-8 LPs I've owned), plays like melted butter, stays in tune better than any of my other guitars, and has that big, full, chunky Les Paul sound...
  10. bossaddict

    Sold/Traded: 1998 Gibson Historic '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom

    This is a bit unexpected for me, but I need to move my 1998 Gibson Custom Shop Historic '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom with original Custom Shop case. This is actually the second time that I've owned this guitar (and second time selling :rolleyes: ). It has a fair amount of wear to show for its...
  11. PierM

    NGD - Yes another Black Custom, sry! BB7 2009, Huge Neck

    And here we go again, yet another Les Paul Custom in Black and Gold....I'm boring. :D BTW...after couple of years lurking and searching for a good historic '57, without paying the nonsense money for a TH, I managed to find a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Custom Reissue '57, which does fill many of the...
  12. Bigcat2017

    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    Just received my new axe, 20th Anniversary 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty 3-Pickup Few points attract me: 1. Custom Buckers 2. Deep-set neck tenon, hot-hide glued 3. 4.25kg (9.38lbs) weight 4. One-piece mahogany body & ebony fingerboard (I don't like to pay so much for paper) 5. Non-yellowed binding...
  13. PierM

    (NGD) Gibson Les Paul Custom 1989....

    Hey fellas! Was searching for a 57 reissue...and (as usual) I've been hijacked by that gorgeous 1989 Les Paul Custom, which is in an incredible good shape for its age, and didn't resist. It has a gorgeous carved top. All original, no repairs, (bridge set was ordered that way, not sure if I'll...
  14. kingsxman

    2008 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom Signature VOS Ebony (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

    (SOLD ON REVERB) For sale is a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom Signature VOS Ebony that I recently took in on trade. This guitar is in excellent condition and will make some Jimmy Page fan very happy. I'm not a Page nor a Bigsby fan so this is going at a good price. Here's...
  15. T

    1957 original Black Beauty with Bigsby for sale

    Folks, I'm helping a friend who's not too much in internet to sell his original 1958 Black Beauty. The guitar is all original except the pickup rings, the neck pickup that's a '61 Pat. No. probably a PAF inside and the middle pickup that's a '57 PAF. They've been swapped because the original was...
  16. Andrew J Betry

    Humbucker Rings

    I am looking to replace the plastic trim rings that surround the humbuckers on my 3-pup Black Beauty and I need some help. All I see available are singles and two packs (Short/neck position and the tall/bridge position) Do I need to buy 2, two packs to get the three i need? and do I use 2 short...
  17. Andrew J Betry

    Mids / Treble heavy

    I've got a Tiny Terror combo with a celestion 12 and JJ tubes (new) throughout. No matter what I do (with my epiphone LP black beauty, the mids /treble /high end is bordering on ear piercing on all three pick up positions at any volume (on the amp). A MOJO MOJO pedal thickens it up a bit, but I...
  18. horseman

    Singlecut Custom - looking for a builder

    I hope it is ok to post this here. I am looking for someone that I can commission a build. Singleclut Custom 68 specs and/or 57 specs, period correct. Not sure yet if black or aged white. I don't care about the weight, loved my 77 with almost 11lbs as much as I love my R8 with 8.5lbs. I do not...
  19. GibsonKramer

    One Paul to Rule Them All - NGD - 2015 TH BB '57 [Pic Heavy]

    Or... King Kong of Pauls I had no intention of looking for one of these, much less buying one. The only reissue type guitar I was eyeballing, was a R8 if one ever popped up close by. I had passed on one, about 2 years ago, and have been kicking myself in the ass, since. I really liked that...

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