1. 2016 Les Paul Special

    2016 Les Paul Special

    Added B5 Bigsby, Rio Grande mini-humbuckers, and tortoise shell pick-guard
  2. K

    Help me date / identify a Tokai Love Rock LP

    Hi guys ! I need your help ! Is this real deal or fake one? Seller says that bigsby is aftermarket, relic job done and serial number is 10060065.
  3. tolm

    NGD - Double cut Gretsch Duo Jet!

    Arrived today ... pictures first! I don't know how long this has been coming .... must be a good 10-15 years since I saw Neil Finn playing one of these at a live gig somewhere (possibly a Finn Bros gig at the Royal Albert Hall) and ever since I've been looking out for one. Had a couple...
  4. Matt_21

    LF: My 1983 GoldBurst Custom

    Hey guys, A few years ago I stupidly sold my 1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom Goldburst. I would really like to get it back if I can find it. I did a deal with a member here at the time but, he may not be active here any more. It was an '83, had a gold Bigsby and the original tailpiece in the case...
  5. deadringer

    FS: 2015 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones Magna’Trons Bigsby Charcoal Frost Metallic

    Selling a custom ordered Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Double TV Jones with a Bigsby in Charcoal Frost Metallic nitro finish. Tortoise shell pickguard. Double bound body with a 9.5” neck radius and a rosewood fretboard that has binding and mother of pearl block inlays. Lightly tinted quarter...
  6. S

    Mysterious 1997 Gibson Custom Art Historic Les Paul Gold top - with Bigsby!

    Hi - here's my 1997 Gold top. Bought 2nd hand in 1999 and the Bigsby appears to be be factory fitted. There is abs no sign that a stop tail piece was ever fitted. The paint and lacquer are immaculate where the holes would be if a stop bar was replaced with the B7 unit. But there is also no...
  7. M

    Bigsby b3 on epiphone les paul 100 without towner down tension bar

    Hi first of all i want to apologize for my poor english because i live in philippines. I have a 2017 epiphone les paul 100 and i am planning to install a bigsby b3 on it ive heard that there is a towner down tension bar for bigsby b3 but unfortunately i can't find one of those here. Bigsby b7...
  8. Frogfur

    I Love My Gretsch

    I had this out with The Champ Today. Nice ! 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville Model. The primary difference between the Classic 6120, and the model above is nothing more than circuitry. The Classic has two switches on the upper bout. One is the pickup selector, the other being the tone switch. Two...
  9. R

    No name Bigsby

    Can anybody help me to identify this Bigsby B5 style trem? No name . Vintage for sure. Small name printed on bushing."Croydon" Could be UK mad e???
  10. townerusa

    BIGSBY Retrofit Solutions by TOWNER

    Hey BIGSBY fans! If you have a symmetrical guitar with a stop tailpiece and you are interested in putting a BIGSBY on your guitar without drilling extra holes I have the BIGSBY retrofit system that you will want. The TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR mounts to the stop tailpiece studs in place of the...
  11. Londonbus

    BIGSBY B7 with Vibramate Les Paul kit and Reverend Soft Spring- $129

    I purchased this all last week for a guitar mod project that isn't going to happen anymore. Bigsby B7 with a Vibramate B7-LP mounting kit for Les Paul style guitars. Includes a Reverend "Soft Spring" Bigsby spring, which is a must with Bigsby B7s (Makes the action MUCH smoother... Do a Google...
  12. christophervolume

    Put a trailer hitch on my 335.

    Early this summer I bought a 2006 R6. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it. I’ve been feeling bad for my 335 which has been my #1 for the last 5 years. I had kicked around the idea of putting a bigsby on it before but could never pull the trigger since it played so great as it was...
  13. Londonbus

    Bigsby B7 / Vibramate help... Is this modification possible?

    Hi there! I just purchased a gorgeous "ES-Les Paul" guitar after lusting over them for about 2 years. I wanted a Bigsby model, but I could never find the perfect combination of price/good looking burst/Bigsby. So I finally found one (stoptail) that just looked too sexy to pass up and figured...
  14. theusualdan

    Sold - Edwards E-LP-112LTS/RE Jimmy Page Relic Les Paul MIJ w/ Bare Knuckle Mules

    Edwards MIJ Les Paul in Honeyburst with lots of upgrades. Bare Knuckle Mule PAF style pickups. Locking tuners. Bigsby w/ vibramate attachment (I'll include the tune-o-matic bridge). Strap locks. SKB hardcase. Plays and sounds fantastic. Get your Jimmy Page on with this. Relic'd with some natural...
  15. C

    WTB Bigsby B7-G

    Hi all. Looking to fit a gold B7 to my '54 Historic RI BB, shocked at the prices tbh, thought I'd see if anyone has one lying around, preferably in the UK. Cheers in advance.
  16. kingsxman

    2008 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom Signature VOS Ebony (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

    (SOLD ON REVERB) For sale is a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom Signature VOS Ebony that I recently took in on trade. This guitar is in excellent condition and will make some Jimmy Page fan very happy. I'm not a Page nor a Bigsby fan so this is going at a good price. Here's...
  17. Ramhead

    WTB EU: Bigsby B5

    Looking to buy Bigsby B5 (not any other variant) Let me know if you have one for sale.
  18. J

    Stopbar to Bigsby?

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm buying a Les Paul Custom, and I want to know, can you put a bigsby directly into mounting holes for a Stopbar tailpiece? I ask because I see that Hendrix's Custom has a chrome bigsby, rather than gold like the rest of it, which made me think...
  19. Nick_M

    Epiphone Les Paul with horseshoe vibrato

    Hello All New to this site and wondered if anybody can help me answer this burning question. Does anybody know the correct model name for my Epiphone (pictured) It's a 1997 and is a rather heavy lump.

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