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  1. ToneSpecific

    eBay Charity Auction - 1959 P.A.F. by Tone Specific. Our best Blues Humbucker Pickups.

    The Guitarist Community has been very good to us. We dedicate a good portion of our life to the passion of tone. We eat it, we sleep it & we work at it. It’s a labor of love & without the support or guitar playing public, none of what we do would be possible. We believe in giving back. It’s...
  2. ToneSpecific

    1959 Blues P.A.F. Humbucker Pickups. Our Best Humbucker Pickups for Blues Tone. Review of Tone Specific Pickups.

    This Tone Specific forum post features a review of the 1959 Blues Humbucker Set. This set has a nice Blues type of tone you might expect from a classic P.A.F. style set but you can play anything with them. Check out the demo of our Best Blues Humbuckers The early P.A.F. pickups from the 50's...
  3. ToneSpecific

    PAF Humbucker Journey of Nashville Pro Ford Thurston - Tone Specific & Virgil Arlo

    Ford Thurston is an in-demand session & touring guitarist based out of Nashville. Known for his tasty chops and ever evolving collection of vintage guitars, this guy is a tone-monster. He currently is touring with Randy Houser and formerly toured with Bonnie Bishop. In addition to being a busy...

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