1. dazzypig

    Un-Made Tom Bartlett 1959 Kit For Sale

    Hi folks, It looks as though I’m okay to sell this in the classifieds so I thought I’d better make a proper thread for it. Here for sale is a Tom Bartlett 1959 replica kit I brought directly from Tom about eight years ago. I had hoped to get it built myself but have come to the conclusion that...
  2. Jinmary

    Bartlett Retrospec - "Big Bang Burst" - SOLD

    2016 Bartlett Retrospec with Sigil Vintage Wire PAF. Stunning with tone to spare. BartlettRetrospec_112318_2 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AM BartlettRetrospec_112318_1 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AMBartlettRetrospec_112318_1 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AM...
  3. Jinmary

    SOLD - Tom Bartlett 1958 Explorer

    Price: $6999 If you are familiar with Tom's work, you know he makes a beautiful guitar. This is no exception and is rare "in the wild". Highly resonant, Korina wood spec'd to 1958 plans. Tone for days?? CHECK!!! Complete with Sigil Vintage Wire PAFs (Hybrid 1958/1959)
  4. Jinmary

    Old Growth Guitar SALE - Vaschenko, Bartlett, MAX

    Making room ($ and actual room!!) for a vintage purchase so cleaning house!!! All are very fair prices but bring your best offers......always open to a reasonable deal (no trades please). Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Burst" VOS- $5150 1958 Bartlett Explorer w/Sigil NOS Vintage Wire Hybrid...
  5. T

    Bartlett plans - new "exact" or "standard"

    Hey all, I'm just getting prepared to start my first venture into the world of spending all my free time and money on trying to make some sort of moderately accurate tribute to a burst...I'm at the "ordering some Bartlett plans" stage, but was wondering about the differences between the "1959...
  6. Xrun Morzov

    Officially First Bartlett in Russia

    Got the guitar about a month ago, just before my honeymoon with my wife and I must say it was double honeymoon )))))

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