1. Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    This amp uses a pair of el34 output tubes, with 12ax7a tubes in the preamp. Called a 50w amp by Marshall, this amp evolved from the earlier Jtm45 amps. It uses a solid state rectifier, instead of the gz34 tube, found in jtm45 and jtm50(black flag) amps. This amp has more bite than its early...
  2. Laney CUB8

    Laney CUB8

    Laney CUB8 combo tube amp Power: 5W Preamp: 2 x ECC83/12AX7 tubes Power amplification: 1 x 6V6GT tube. Speaker 8" External cabinet connector
  3. Ace Amplification Colt

    Ace Amplification Colt

    Ace by FX Amplification. 20w of british fury. 2 channels, EL-34 20w power section, tube effect loop. A plexi channel, for clean to crunch sounds, and a boost channel, to deliver the wildest riff. All tube circuits, inclunding effect loop. Speaker outputs 8ohms + 16ohms. Optional footswitch for...
  4. 1984 Marshall JCM 800 4104 2X12 Combo

    1984 Marshall JCM 800 4104 2X12 Combo

    Classic Marshall combo with an added built-in attenuator, that I've owned since 2018. It has that classic crunch, and I can turn up the volume without blowing up my house thanks to the attenuator...Marshall heaven! :thumb:
  5. Bogner Atma Amplifier

    Bogner Atma Amplifier

    Bogner's Atma guitar amplifier head (and cab or option combo version) is an all-tube powerhouse with tons of modified Marshal style tones. The classy aluminum chassis and grille add unique looks to any rig (it's also available in variousTolex options). This 3-channel multi-watt amplifier...
  6. '68 Fender Bassman (Black-line Drip-edge)

    '68 Fender Bassman (Black-line Drip-edge)

    The amp is a Silverface drip-edge black-line Bassman. The cabinet was in very rough shape, but inside it was unmolested and still had all the factory components. I feel the Fender head cabinet is the prettiest amp cabinet extant. I love the styling. The black-line drip-edge Bassman was the...
  7. The PRS MT15 Tube Amp

    The PRS MT15 Tube Amp

    I bought this amp in 2018 for what seemed a great price of about £470 (in the UK). But at the time was a little careful regarding exactly how this amp would sound, after all, PRS had been making amps for some time and many of them were not for me. But the magic words that got my interest was...
  8. Tone King Imperial MK II

    Tone King Imperial MK II

    ABOUT THE AMP: From a spanky blackface-style voice to ‘50s-era tweed grit, you’ll find all of the most iconic American tube tones residing in this 1 x 12”, 20-watt combo. And with modern appointments, such as an onboard Ironman II power attenuator, and tube-driven effects, the Imperial MKII is...
  9. Soul Tramp Amplification - Tweed 12

    Soul Tramp Amplification - Tweed 12

    The Tweed 12 is my take on the Fender Tweed Deluxe. I don’t build clones, but the circuit design on the Tweed 12 is fairly close to the original. It’s the one amp in my product line where I can’t claim to have created something entirely new. I have made changes where Fender got it wrong and...

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