1. cdwillis

    Looking for opinions on Orange TH30 and Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 trade?

    Been thinking about trading my Orange TH30 for another head or a cool combo and got an offer for a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head. Looking for some opinions on this trade. The guy with the Marshall said it's from 1998 and has already had the original board replaced with the revised one to fix the...
  2. yeatzee

    My Vintage Amp Journey Pt.1 - Magnatone 108 & 440

    Spurred by James' vintage amp threads, I decided I'd make a couple of my own for some new (to me) vintage amps I've picked up this year. These two are what started my personal journey, really opening my eyes to the fun and quirks of vintage amp ownership! Starting with the 1961 Magnatone 440...
  3. LesPaulBluesFan

    Good budget guitar amp mic?

    What guitar amp mic should I buy/use? I am on a budget and don't want to go over 50 dollars.
  4. kelsodeez

    Fender champ '57 tweed reissue made in USA

    Up for sale is my fender 57 champ reissue. It is a little beast of an amp. 5 watts of pure tone. The secret is in its simplicity. Nothing but a volume knob on the face. It sounds great and is in perfect, new condition. I'm asking $1050 (not including shipping or payment service fees). I paid a...
  5. bossaddict

    Sold: 2015 Friedman Small Box 50 Combo

    Up for sale is my Friedman Small Box 50 Watt combo amplifier. This thing has served me really well of the last several years, but I've decided to make my '50s Fender Deluxe my main "dirt" amp and move this one on. This has two channels. One is plexi-voiced, so you can get some light to moderate...
  6. Cinegoat

    1959HW Shrill Issue

    So I just got my 2020 Marshall 1959HW head back from warranty repair. I was playing, and suddenly the sound cut out. Broken / low volume. I checked the fuses, swapped the tubes, then took it to repair, thinking it was a PT or OT or something. When I picked it up, the guys at the shop told me it...
  7. bossaddict

    Sold: 1986 Marshall 5213 MOSFET 100 Reverb Twin combo

    Up for sale is a Marshall 5213 MOS-FET 100 Reverb Twin solid state combo amp. I got this locally a while back and have quite enjoyed it, but am making room. As you can see, it's got a lot of wear from usage, including a few tears in the grill cloth as well as some tears in the tolex around...
  8. TXOldRedRocker

    NAD BS

    Set the scene: 3 boxes arrive from Sweetwater today. Wife: What was in the big box, another amp? Me: Yea Wife: Where are you going to put it? Me: It's already in its place. Wife: OK Me: ------ New Blackstar HT amp arrived today to go with my Marshall and Fender amps. Won't get the new...
  9. C

    Phaez SE 10 watt dual channel Daisycutter/Corona

    This amp is about 2 years old and not yet broken in. It might have 5 hours on it, but that is a high estimate. The amp sounds great it is just that I went a little crazy a couple years ago and bought up a bunch of amps. I am now sure of which type and one I will be keeping so I am clearing...
  10. Just(A)Theory

    Amp Head Price Inquiry

    Can someone tell me why this listing Is less than the guitar center listing From what i see these are the exact...
  11. H

    Fender '68 Custom Deluxe - some help please

    I'll cut right to the chase. I recently acquired a brand new Fender 68 Custom Deluxe having read many positive reviews and having tried one in store and generally liked what I heard with the short time testing and choice of pedals at hand. The store didn't have a boxed one available so I...
  12. lespaulfreak93

    NAD! Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H

    Here it is! My first "adult" purchase! Late NAD, came in on Wednesday. This little beauty on top. (Pics are horrible because my phone camera lens are cracked) What can I say? Absolute tonal perfection. Total opposite of the POS sitting underneath. Literally got my perfect dream tone by...
  13. B

    Help Troubleshooting Amp

    Hey all, I have an Egnater Renegade 1 x 10" combo that I really love. Never had any issues until now. For some reason, when I switch from Standby to Play, I get an incredibly loud sound from the amp. Almost sounds like a high-pitched foghorn or a bunch of trumpets playing the same note...
  14. Mjmoore

    NAD - Morris VTR10 (think Vox AC10 SRT)

    OK, here is the back story - I purchased an amp in 2016 from Glen Morris of Morris Amplification - [ he's a great guy and has been building and repairing amps for over 40 years ] I purchased a MO-JO - the amp that he designed and built for Joe Perry of Aerosmith (AMAZING). We kept in contact...
  15. lovekeiiy

    NAD and NCD

    I getting big pants, per se. I've only had small practice amps till now. Bit nervous and anxious. I've order: a Joyo Dualklonz head (15-25W all tube amp); it can change circuits to give similar tones to other tube amps something completely different. Panama Tonewood Figured Mango...
  16. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Towards the end of the first set of my gig last night my Marshall combo packed in. It was making a God-awful loud buzzing sound intermittently which I thought may be due to a dodgy lead or bad FX pedal lead connection. I gradually removed my pedals between songs, in case that was the issue -...
  17. Cinegoat

    Supro Keeley Custom

    Saw this sneak into my gear news feed this morning: Supro Keeley Custom 1970RK!
  18. bilbarstow

    NAD : SoulTramp Tweed 12

    So I got a cool package delivered today. I've been in heaven since it arrived. Sorry, don't expect any demo vids from me, my playing sucks. But if you listen to the YouTube demos, this sounds just like them ! Dealing with Don is an absolute pleasure. Honest and straight-forward, and...
  19. Deus Vult

    The Marshall Origin 50H Review

    So I currently use a Marshall YJM100 for most of my jams, gigs and tomfoolery. For those that don't know, the YJM is a 100w 1959 Super Lead circuit amp with some cool bells and whistles. And while "plexi" refers to the faceplate material of Marshalls made during certain years, colloquially...
  20. bossaddict

    Sold: 2016 Marshall AST1C Astoria Classic 30-watt 1x12" Handwired Tube Combo Amp - $1795

    I've decided to sell my Marshall Astoria Classic combo. I got it brand new from Sweetwater in July 2017. It has only been used in my music room and at low to (occasionally) moderate volume. I'm only selling as I recently got a Friedman Small Box combo and am going with that for my drive sound...

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