alpine white

  1. P

    1997 Les Paul Custom NGD

    Recently acquired this beast despite being unsure whether buying a guitar with a headstock repair is a good idea. Massive thanks for all the input and advice, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise! These forums are awesome for info and advice
  2. 519tbarr


    Have to say I've been looking forward to hearing a demo of one of the new 2019 Les Paul Custom's with the Ebony Fingerboard! From Peach Guitars in the UK. Those old 498 and 490 combo pickups sound like good old 80's early 90's rock n roll to me. Enjoy the watch!
  3. 2017 Gibson Exclusive Les Paul Standard - Alpine White

    2017 Gibson Exclusive Les Paul Standard - Alpine White

  4. PierM

    NGD! I hate signature guitars!! (Alex Lifeson Es-Les Paul Custom)

    Yes. This is my first signature guitar ever. Honestly I don't like to have a sign of another artist, on my guitars.... but I didn't manage to resist to this tone monster...and now that I've this baby in my hands, I couldn't care less of that aspect. Also, finally, I have an ES-Les Paul! Let's...
  5. Chartle

    WTB - White Gibson LP Studio or PRS se 245

    Hey, all. I'm currently looking for a used Gibson LP Studio in Alpine White. I prefer gold hardware but I can work chrome for the right price. Scratches, dents are no problem but please no previous break fixes, bad/very worn frets, or too much yellowing (yes, I know I'm in the minority for...

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