1. Londonbus


  2. Chakalawaka

    My Les Paul, Refinished and Aged by Tony Berrington

  3. deadringer

    FS: Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Skinner Burst Pickup Set Aged Double Cream

    Selling a used set of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Aged Skinner Burst PAF humbucker pickups. A3 magnets, double cream bobbins under the covers. Covers have not been removed. Full braided leads. Long leg baseplates. #198 of 800 made. Neck measures - 8.3k ohms Bridge measures -...
  4. '59Fatburst

    Vintage 1981 Tokai ES-100 ES-335 Lawsuit Guitar NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE.... Here's a killer vintage 1981 Tokai ES-100 Lawsuit guitar. This is a near perfect copy of a 1959 Gibson ES-335. It has the correctly shaped Mickey Mouse ears, the pronounced bulges on the upper cutaways, an accurate looking cherry red color and the open book style...
  5. treyrab

    FS: New Gibson Les Paul Carmelita CC#37 (Aged) - Monster Top

    SOLD - Hi All - This just came in from Carter Vintage Guitars. It's a New (Aged) Gibson Les Paul Carmelita Collector's Choice #37 1959 Reissue, with Aged Lifton case. Carter Vintage did a video of this exact guitar (see below) so you can hear how it sounds. One of the top 5 Maple Tops of this...
  6. treyrab

    New Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon - Wowza!

    After much anticipation, the Historic Makeover is completed! Woohoo! This was done with the Deluxe (RDS) package with added parts shadows, broken-in aging, and Grovers. Kim & Team really knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I have to big give a shout-out to my pal Andy...
  7. J

    Aged Flying V's?

    I'm thinking about buying the new Flying V, and I want to see how it ages. Anyone have checking, yellowing flying v pics? I don't ever see any. Thanks!
  8. '59Fatburst

    SOLD 1997 Gibson Custom Historic 1956 Les Paul Goldtop

    This is a 1997 Gibson Custom & Historic 1956 Les Paul Goldtop reissue. Overall, this one's in nice, clean condition. Outside of some light impressions and swirls, no heavy wear or damage exist. The frets are in good condition with no real appreciable wear. The neck is a chunky "U" shaped...

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