1. harry.evanz

    UK vintage makeover

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first Les Paul; either Classic, Traditional, or Standard in gold top. After a while of having it as the stock gold top I'm hoping to send it into a guitar makeover service similar to Historic Makeovers. The issue is that I live in the UK, so sending it into HM...
  2. H

    Price Drop!!! New & Unplayed Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul AGED

    2018 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue - Factory Aged! Unplayed, opened box for pictures. Comes in original Gibson shipping box. Comes with all tags, certificate of Authenticity, and case. Weight: 8lbs 11oz Neck Profile: C-Shape .92 - .99 Pickups: Custom buckers MSRP: $5799 (No Trades)
  3. kingsxman

    On hold deal pending: 2018 Gibson Aged Ebony 1957 reissue Les Paul. Historic R7 custom shop

    For sale is my 2018 Gibson 1957 reissue in the rare "ebony" color. The guitar is aged by the gibson factory and looks great. There are very few ebony 57 reissues that were made and even fewer that are aged. The patina of this guitar is fantastic and the creme plastics (and binding) have a very...
  4. I

    My little aged custom built 59ish monster.

    So I built this a while back, always wanted a really aged monster of a guitar. Spent a lot of time photo searching and researching and came up with this guy. Painted, Assembled, And Aged by me, Misc hardware from Faber, Stewmac, Creamtone etc. Pickups are Geppetto Guitars Camelots (PAF Clones)...
  5. Picture3.png


  6. myoldfriend

    SOLD: ThroBak Custom MXV Pickups

    The Lester these were in is but a memory, been hanging on to these for long enough.. Aged covers over double cream bobbins. BRIDGE: Long A5 mags, measured @ 9.10 Ω with 7.5" of lead NECK: Long A5 mags, measured @ 9.07 Ω with 12.5" of lead xxx PayPal to your door as long as it can be found...
  7. PierM

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Custom '54 RK Aged #045

    Hey guys, a while I'm hunting for a '54, True Historic, Historic, searched for years for a good deal... But yeah, always being attracted by the aged look they repro in the Robby Krieger '54 replica, other than interested to try that pickup combo, but price was totally insane so I always searched...
  8. GuitarTalk

    Quick & Easy: DIY Nickel Aging (takes 15minutes)

    Hey guys, Introduction (skip if in a hurry): So as you may know I finally got my hands on my favourite Les Paul a couple months ago, a Murphy aged 59 True Historic. It’s a perfect guitar but the one thing that stood out to me was how shiny the pickup covers were compared to the rest of the...
  9. A Dark Burst in a Dark Room.

    A Dark Burst in a Dark Room.

    Gibson Les Paul, 1959 True Historic (2015, Tom Murphy aged Darkburst). Photo Credit: yours truly (@GuitarTalk on Instagram)
  10. 1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

    1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

  11. GuitarTalk

    NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run

    Hey guys, Never owned a lemon burst but always wanted one, others’ NGD posts didn’t help the GAS either. I only ever usually buy used or trade for LP’s, but I thought it was time to buy an LP for good, brand new, the “one” (you know). I was very picky for this reason, I wanted weight below...
  12. OBLP

    NGD: Slash 1958 Les Paul "First Standard" #8 3096 Aged

    Just received this beauty today. My dream guitar. Looks and sounds great! 003 of 100. "" Love the tone too! Don't mind the muted notes =P
  13. R

    Are these factory aged Seth Lovers?

    Cross post** Are these two aged pickups from a normal Seth set? I ask because I am not used to seeing them aged and the BL on the bridge pickup is not what I am used to seeing? Did Duncan offer these aged? or must these have been aged by someone after market. I may be selling them and...
  14. treyrab

    FS: 1999 Lifton Gibson Les Paul Case w/ Historic Makeover Aging - Free Overnight Shipping

    Hi Everyone - I recently purchased a vintage 50's Lifton, so I am selling my reissue aged case. The case started its life as a 1999 Lifton Reissue case - Like this one -, which are typically thought of as being the most realistic '59 cases that Gibson has made. I then...
  15. HellRot


  16. M

    Aged Kluson Single Line Double Ring Tuners

    I got these with the intent of putting them on one of my LP's that has Grovers, but changed my mind so I'm offering them here. Nice medium aging. Comes with aged bushings and screws. Tuners were never installed. $75.00 shipped to the USA. PayPal only. International buyers - feel free to...
  17. bossaddict

    Sold: aged Fender Telecaster project neck w/ tuners - $275

    I recently completed a paisley Tele build and at the last minute found a vintage neck to go on it instead of this one. This is a modern-ish genuine Fender neck that has been aged and I think looks really great. It's got a smooth feel to it. It's also used, so there is a bit of real fret wear as...
  18. Londonbus


  19. deadringer

    FS: Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Skinner Burst Pickup Set Aged Double Cream

    Selling a used set of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Aged Skinner Burst PAF humbucker pickups. A3 magnets, double cream bobbins under the covers. Covers have not been removed. Full braided leads. Long leg baseplates. #198 of 800 made. Neck measures - 8.3k ohms Bridge measures -...

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