1. Rob the Photog

    Help with colors and finishing

    Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for the assistance. I'm a complete novice when it comes to finishing guitars. I've started reading up on it and it's making my head spin a little - do I use dye or stain, wipe-on or spray, how to those choices affect the order of operations, etc. Trying to...
  2. J

    First Gibson Les Paul buying advice

    Hey everyone, I'm new here on the forum. After going back and forth on Les Pauls and owning a few Epiphone versions of them, I think it's finally time to go on the prowl for a genuine Gibson Les Paul. I know there have been plenty of these threads and many things are subjective. The thing is...
  3. Just(A)Theory

    Advice and Slash 2020 Sig

    So! I, am a 22 yr old who has had the fortune of having a nice job where i can save cash and now have the money to get a high end guitar. So! Im considering getting the new Gibson Slash Sig, though i have questions, i havmt seen much coverage thats not just people fangasming over another slash...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    Need reviews: 2014 Futura

    Im talking to someone with a red 2014 Futura. The tuners are changed from the robots to black hipshot open back. I can get it with the humbucker switched to a gibson dirty fingers, but the p90 is no longer the gibson sidewinder, now an unbranded p90. Another option is to have active EMGs in it...
  5. longjaw

    Marshall DSL40C failed mid-gig last night

    Towards the end of the first set of my gig last night my Marshall combo packed in. It was making a God-awful loud buzzing sound intermittently which I thought may be due to a dodgy lead or bad FX pedal lead connection. I gradually removed my pedals between songs, in case that was the issue -...
  6. Jewel the Sapphire

    Finish crack or worse?

    This epiphone custom I'm looking to buy has some splitting at the binding and nut.. What is the worst case scenario and how to fix? Any diagnosis is welcome, it's driving me crazy.. Should I happen to buy this guitar this thread will have more of the processes..
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which Les Paul Custom? +more

    I need to pick up another guitar and I've narrowed it down to two les paul customs both priced at $350 and two wildcards. The first is a 1989 and ships with a gibson soft case. The second is a limited edition 1955 reissue with original case for $350 and is almost a 2 hour drive away...
  8. I Break Things

    Teach me about tube amps!

    So I've never owned a tube amp, and I know nothing about them. That PSA thread about the Marshall DSL40C got me thinking about them. I'd never looked into them much because I mostly only saw ones that were ridiculously expensive in stores. I tried going through YouTube, but with minimal...
  9. M

    Help needed with Epi Les Paul action adjustment

    Hi, n00b with a problem here! I have an Epi Les Paul Traditional Pro on which I installed a Bigsby B7 with a Vibramate, going from a 10-46 string set to an 11-56 with no ill effects, played great, no need for additional set-up or adjustments. A few days back I took off the strings completely...
  10. James10101

    New Amp for Gibson Les Paul

    Hi guys, I currently own a line 6 amplifi 150 modelling amp and want an upgrade in sound for my Les Paul standard as I don’t think it does the guitar justice. There a few reasons I want to get rid of this amp: 1. The fiddling around to connect my phone on Bluetooth to change the tone 2. I only...
  11. Epifool

    Advice on which prs to buy??

    Ok guys, I need advice. I have a chance to buy one of three guitars. The first is a 94 ce 22. The second is a 97 McCarty, the last is a 06 McCarty singlecut 10 top. All three are within $200 of the same price. All I'm asking is which is the best investment? As a player, I know I want one of the...

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