1. Stone76

    SOLD (EU): Gibson J-200 from 1995 in Antique Natural

    Howdy! Selling my lovely Ophelia due to a tremendous GAS attack on a guitar I've been searching for years and is now at reach. Therefore, something has to go. Later down the road I'll be looking for another J-200 for sure, Gibson jumbos are just unbeatable. This is 1995 J-200 in a fantastic...
  2. josebcn

    Gibson Hummingbird 2011 Custom Shop 5 Star Dealer Ltd. Ed Cherry Sunburst 1/9

    Gibson Hummingbird 2011 Custom Shop 5 Star Dealer Cherry Sunburst 1/9 worlwide limited edition, A beautiful Gibson Hummingbird with excellent tone, no dings or scratches, excellent condition :) 2.900€ + shipping from Barcelona, Spain. European community countries free shipping USA 250€...
  3. bossaddict

    Sold: 1930s Supertone Robin Hood parlor guitar

    I played around on this 1930s Supertone parlor guitar during my daughter's violin lesson a couple of months ago and ended up taking it home with me. I'm letting this go as part of my recent sell-off to cover the last two guitars that I got. These were made in Chicago by Harmony during the 1930s...
  4. bossaddict

    Sold: 1955 Martin 00-18G

    Up for sale is a 1955 Martin 00-18G classical acoustic guitar. This guitar is intended for nylon strings only, hence the "G" for "gut" in the model number. I was told by the previous owner that there was an extra brace added to the inside of the guitar, but don't have any other details. It's...
  5. bossaddict

    Sold: 1934 Pre-War Martin 0-17

    I just bought a banner-era Gibson and pre-CBS Fender, so I'm going to have to hit the classifieds pretty hard in the next month or so. :eek: Here we have my 1934 Martin 0-17 acoustic guitar. This is a great example of a pre-war Martin that has had all the TLC that these almost always need...
  6. bossaddict

    NGD: 1943 Banner LG-3

    I've been holding out for a couple of weeks on this one as I was thinking of waiting until I had a chance to make a video, but we're having some home renovations done and they're not scheduled to be completed for another month. I'll just post it on its own if/when I get it ready. Some of you...
  7. bossaddict

    NGD: 1930s Supertone Robin Hood

    My daughter's violin lessons strike again! I played around on this 1930s Supertone parlor guitar the other day for about half an hour and ended up going back an making a deal on it on Friday afternoon. I really like the silk and steel strings on this one as it's a very different sound to my...
  8. 1964 Goya F-27

    1964 Goya F-27

    The guitar I grew up listening to / watching my dad play is now MINE! Rather than wait until he passes, my old man shipped this to me because, "I don't play it as often as I play my other guitars."
  9. bossaddict

    NGD: 1968 Dove

    My first ever vintage guitar experience was with a 1969 Gibson Dove acoustic that was in a shop in Huntsville, Alabama in the late '90s. I just happened to stop in there while I was off from college visiting my parents. It was the best-playing acoustic I've ever played. The action on it felt...
  10. Ozzy


  11. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1957 J-200N

    Just wanted to share something that I took possession of on Friday. It's a 1957 J-200 in Natural finish. I've always wanted a J-200 and when I saw this one for sale at Austin Vintage Guitars, something about it reached out to me as the one to finally go after. I've hardly been able to put it...
  12. performingchimp

    Learning to play modern fingerstyle guitar?

    In this super-in-depth lesson you will master modern acoustic fingerstyle techniques, and learn 10 awesome riffs. All the secrets, revealed. Only from I hope some folks over here are interested! I'll post up some clips from the video on my instagram soon (/jongomm)...
  13. bossaddict

    Sold: 2015 Martin Custom Shop 000-28

    I've decided to sell my Martin Custom Shop 000-28 that I got brand new from Sweetwater. It's got an ebony fretboard, solid Adirondack spruce top, Performing Artist neck profile with 1 3/4" nut width, diamond and squares inlays, vintage-style open-back tuners, and LR Baggs electronics. This...
  14. jonesy

    My NEW Folk EP "Love, Lies & Promises" check it out

    On July 29th, 2017 I digitally released my New Folk EP on CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify. You can listen to it for Free on Soundcloud. Here is the Link My Rendezvous EP from last year (2016) is also on Soundcloud...
  15. Stone76

    FS [EU] Gibson SJ-200 Sunburst acoustic

    Hi y'all... need to sell my SJ-200. It's a 2015 model in sunburst with the Custom Shop decal, although it was listed as a Standard in tghe shop (Fellowship of Acoustics, in the Netehrlands). Another Gibson "go figure" moment. I took out the atrocious Fishman Aura it came with and profesionally...
  16. black_dog

    My New Song using Yamaha F-310 & C series

    what do you guys think about my song? give comment especially the song composition i want to record it via nuendo DAW with full band instrument (using my LP100 epiphone) thanks a lot guys
  17. Roberto2001

    Acoustic Flying-V

    Hello guys! As a new guy here I want to show you my latest project! It is an acoustic flying-v! Specs: -640 mm scale lenght -Beech 5 mm plywood body(4 inches/10 cm thick) -Beech nech with oak volute -Beech plywood fretboard with a black design -White glossy paint...

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