1. aBunchOfPedals

    Pladask Elektrisk - BAKVENDT (Granular Synthesis and Reverse Delay)

    So this little fella uses granular synthesis to produce a reverse delay kind of sound. It’s pretty unique and comes in a small footprint. Unfortunately they were only built in a very small batch so they’re hard to come by. It’s got a lot of interesting controls and looping functions. Super...
  2. aBunchOfPedals

    Glou Glou - Pralines (phaser, vibrato, filering fuzz!)

    I finally managed to get my hands on one of the GLou Glou pedals. I’ve seen all the videos on their other products and this didn’t disappoint. The build quality is awesome and the choices for filtering are pretty extensive. It uses 4 filters, that you can set the frequency of and...
  3. aBunchOfPedals

    Homenoise Effects - Serpent Cult (Silicon Fuzz)

    This came from Homenoise Effects, they used to be based in Belgium but have moved to Denmark. Honestly, I love all of the pedals I’ve had from them and this is no different. It’s definitely not a smooth or friendly fuzz… it’s super gnarly and gets really heavy. The Bias control makes it sound...
  4. aBunchOfPedals

    Dwarfcraft Devices - Witch Shifter

    I really wasn't expecting this pitch shifter to have so many different sounds in it. Sometimes it gets close to a weird reverb and when you add in the delay circuit, it's just awesome. You can use it for pretty, ambient music or make it totally gross with the fuzz circuit. I was pleasantly...
  5. aBunchOfPedals

    Chase Bliss - Thermae (analog delay and pitch shifting)

    This is a long one folks but it's got a ton of good info in it and I hope it can shed some light on this mysterious pedal. You should definitely check out the YouTube description for some really interesting information... you won't regret it :) Anyone else have a Thermae? What do you think?
  6. aBunchOfPedals

    SolidGoldFX - Counter Current (Lofi Reverb with Swells)

    This is the second pedal I’ve owned from SolidGoldFX and so far, so good. The other is a delay. This is a pretty cool little reverb box (not super expensive either). It’s meant to be a dirty, lofi kind of sound. The drive control can be cranked up to get real nasty. There’s also a swell...
  7. aBunchOfPedals

    Drolo - Moon Rabbit (Phaser w/ Some Extra Goodies)

    This phaser from Drolo is pretty sweet. It can cover your basic phaser and vibrato sounds but it’s got some other features that make it unique. There’s 8 different waveforms (the random ones are my favorite). It can accept expression and CV input. The tap tempo is pretty handy. I think one...
  8. aBunchOfPedals

    Smallsound/Bigsound - No Memory (Modulated Delay)

    This is one of the weirdest (I mean that in a good way) delay pedals I’ve ever played with. It can be a little finicky at times but once you get the modulation dialed in… it’s awesome. Super unique delay and pretty hard to find. Luckily, there’s talk of a new version coming out! This is the...
  9. aBunchOfPedals

    Hungry Robot Pedals - El Castillo (Pitch Shifting Reverb)

    I got this a while ago and it was just recently released. It's a pitch shifting reverb but you can quantize the shifting to up an octave, down an octave or both. You can also turn off the quantize and use the pitch knob to select different frequencies... it gets weird, the good weird. There's...
  10. aBunchOfPedals

    Electronic Audio Experiments - Beholder (fuzzed-out reverb)

    This is the first pedal I've ever had from EAE but it's pretty dang cool. The reverb consists of a brick of digital delays... then it gets fed back into itself. After that, it gets mixed with a high-gain fuzz circuit to give you some of the meanest sounds ever. It can be dialed back to achieve...
  11. aBunchOfPedals

    Homenoise Effects - Deep Space (ambient delay)

    This pedal is basically a self-feeding, double delay. It's easy to get straight forward dual repeats (like a quarter and dotted eighth). There's no tap tempo, so don't even start whining :p The two delay times are set with sliders. The Lo-Fi mode slows down one of the delay lines (up to 1...
  12. aBunchOfPedals

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (Phaser/Vibrato)

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (6 stage phaser/vibrato). I was never a huge fan of phasers but when I got the Midnight, it got me back into it. The Explorer Deluxe sounds awesome as a phaser or vibrato but some of the coolest sounds come from the pitch shifting, sea sick settings. Almost...
  13. aBunchOfPedals

    Red Panda - Tensor (Timeshift Glitch/Delay)

    So this is my first Red Panda pedal. It does a lot of cool, glitchy delay type stuff. There's a built in looper and a ton of pitch shifting. I liked it as kind of a mellow pad in the background. Anyone else have one? I've seen a lot of videos on the other RP pedals, thoughts?
  14. aBunchOfPedals

    Red House Electronics - Midnight ( phaser / vibrato )

    So it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a phaser. I guess I just had a falling out with them for a while but this resparked my interest in them. I’ve really been enjoying having a super slow, drawn out phaser speed with a lot of depth. It sounds good on guitar but I think it sounds...
  15. aBunchOfPedals

    SolidGoldFX - Electroman MKII - (Modulated Delay)

    Here’s the new Electroman MKII from SolidGoldFX. It’s got some really nice feature and sounds pretty damn awesome. There’s an fx loop, which is nice. There’s also a REALLY nice modulation circuit with variable speeds and depth. This is the first pedal I’ve had from them them. What do you...

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