59 reissue

  1. gravedanger

    NGD: 2018 R9 in "Red Pine Burst"

    The GAS never ends but a fun little story goes along with this one! I was forwarded a factory image of this guitar, but unfortunately it was pre-sold to a random buyer by Gibson and I didn't get a chance to even ask about buying it. I tried chasing one that looked similar in color, but was...
  2. I

    Very Early Production 1983 Gibson Les Paul Pre Historic '59 Reissue

    SOLD Selling my beautiful Pre-Historic 83' Les Paul via these venues below which have many pics on them. PM or email me if interested: [email protected] Thanks for looking. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/msg/d/very-early-production-1983/6606996127.html...
  3. D

    59 Reissue

    Do all Epiphone Les Paul '59 Reissue Limited Edition's have the "59 Reissue" stamp on the headstock? I think I've seen a few on the web that don't, but I'm noobish & would gladly defer to those with better knowledge on the subject. I bought mine new in 1996 from a respected music store, now...

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