'59 reissue

  1. Burty459

    FOR SALE: 2008 1959 Reissue VOS washed Cherry

    For sale: 2008 Les Paul 1959 Reissue Well looked after and well loved but I’m after an R8 plain top of a similar age in trade or a straight sale. Pickups are Montys PAF’s, sadly idon’t have the burst buckers. There is age related and play wear but no breaks or anything of concern, I’d struggle...
  2. T

    Is a 70's or 80s or even a 90s les paul better than a newer r9

    I got the les paul bug thats been going around. Caught it from a custom. Now i am craving more. Maybe a r9 will satisfy my hunger. Some of these vintage pauls look nice. But am concerned about needing maintenance on them. Should i go vintage or modern. For the price of a used...
  3. C

    2018 vs 2020 R9

    I'm looking to buy my first CS Gibson, and today when trying different guitars at my local shop I asked if they had an R9, which they didn't. However, the guy said that they could order a new 2018 R9 from their distributor, and that they could sell it for 5100$ (in comparison an R8 would be...

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