59 les paul

  1. Dr. Nitro

    2018 Vaschenko '58 LP Goldtop. No need to wait 2 years in queue!

    2018 Vaschenko/8BombCustom '58 LesPaul Goldtop replica. This guitar was specifically for sale. Since the turn to order Valery Vashchenko is now about two years, this is a great option to shorten this period. One piece Honduran mahogany body. East American maple top, historically correct form...
  2. Prometheus

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Since Alvin thread was closed...
  3. DTJ12777

    Help with achieving a joe perry 1959 faded tobacco burst finish

    Hello, I am a amateur luthier and have plans to start a new build shortly, my plans are to build a replica of the joe perry/slash les paul that was used in november rain. i use Keda Dyes and was wondering if any luthiers or guitar refinishers could give me some advice on how to achieve that...

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