59 les paul

  1. Alex Dovnar

    2018 Vaschenko '58 LP Goldtop. No need to wait 2 years in queue!

    2018 Vaschenko/8BombCustom '58 LesPaul Goldtop replica. This guitar was specifically for sale. Since the turn to order Valery Vashchenko is now about two years, this is a great option to shorten this period. One piece Honduran mahogany body. East American maple top, historically correct form...
  2. Prometheus

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Since Alvin thread was closed...
  3. DTJ12777

    Help with achieving a joe perry 1959 faded tobacco burst finish

    Hello, I am a amateur luthier and have plans to start a new build shortly, my plans are to build a replica of the joe perry/slash les paul that was used in november rain. i use Keda Dyes and was wondering if any luthiers or guitar refinishers could give me some advice on how to achieve that...
  4. jonesy

    The 59' Les Paul & SG harness with Luxe .022 PIO Bumble Bees by Jonesyblues USA

    This 59' vintage style LP rigs is one of my best sellers Specs: The best CTS 550K audio taper pots Luxe .022 pio Bumble Bee tone caps 50's wiring circuit with solid busse wire Available with short or long shaft pots For Historic, Standard, Custom, Traditional, Classic and...

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