1. Luboy

    NGD 2018 R8

    Have had this one for a few days. Not too heavy and nice profile. The main observation here is the frets, which are imo a great improvement over the standard ones. The extra height allows for easy bends without having to raise the action above low. I think a lot of the skeptics assume that...
  2. J

    Anyone know where this one went?

    2018 Brazilian board dirty lemon WW spec...I think a member here originally owned it then sold it to MGL then it disappeared...would like to put an offer out to whoever has it if anyone knows; thx
  3. J

    WTB: 2018 Brazilian R9

    shoot me what you’ve got, thanks!
  4. Z

    Japan Limited Color Epiphone ES-335 Pro!!

    Im getting this along with Gibson les paul trad 2018. Man... I played this guitar and Gibson 335 right after I played this and I literally felt no difference in sound at all. They sound almost identical to me. But Gibby had much much more of a luxurious and high end feel to it obviously! But...
  5. ToneasaurusRex

    The Happiest Year of My Life

    My Dear MLP Friends, This year will end in a few hours and tonight I am deeply happy, happier than I have been since I was a boy. That year, I spent my days playing outside with my friends, catching lizards, and riding my bike, and Star Wars was playing in theaters. But I haven't been this...
  6. Z

    Solid Body Light Weight Les paul?

    These are two Les Paul Trad 2018. Honey Weighs at 3.86 KG. Im considering to buy this over the cherry which is 4.4 Kg. I have only played Cherry and it feels great but the weight is kinda bugging me. I dont gig at all but I might, who knows. So Im just wondering if weight will cause any problems...
  7. Z

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Hey guys! I tried these two guitars and both of them play amazing!! Im getting a great deal on these for Christamas Sale. Both are exact same models but the tobacco burst has a little fat neck than the other one. The only main difference is the weight. Tobacco is 8.9 Pounds or 4.04 Kg and the...
  8. Z

    Les Paul 2014 Standard Plus or Traditional 2018

    This is 2014 Standard Plus And this is Trad 2018 Hey guys. This is my second thread on this forum. I live in Japan and English is not my first language so bare with me. Im very confused about these two guitars. Just one thing I wanna clear is that I am a big time flame top guy and I fell in...
  9. Jewel the Sapphire

    2018 Epiphone using ebony on Les Paul Custom?

    Hey MLP, thought to share with you guys what appears to be a Les Paul Custom Pro (serial number 18082306171) with a smooth black fretboard made of decent grade ebony. Here are the photos from the owner, he had bought the guitar this month online and lives in Italy. :photos: 9 Do you think...
  10. GBLEV

    MLP November 2018 BTOM!

    Ah, November already! Well, actually tomorrow is unless you live in China. Anyway, I thought I would post this track up this evening so those in the 'old country' and surrounding areas, who are also ahead of us in time, can get it tonight before they go out trick or treating. This month's...
  11. Hamsterean

    2018 traditional unparallel headstock

    What do I do now? This Les Paul traditional headstock neck carve on the right side goes in too deep. It’s supposed to go straight and then out. It’s not supposed to look like a C.
  12. PeteNJ75

    Post Your “Family” Photos

    Half the reason I come to this forum is to drool over other people’s guitars, so I thought we needed a thread like this. After doing a bunch of buying and selling over the past couple of months I finally feel like I have my little collection (if you can even call it that) where I want it, for...
  13. GBLEV

    MLP Rocktober 2018 BTOM

    Welcome to Rocktober everyone! It's time to get out your Top Hats, Porkpie Hats, Flat caps, ball caps, wigs, leather, spandex, whips, chains, or whatever you think you need to dress up like a rock star this Halloween, because Rocktober is upon us and it's time to let 'er rip with this up beat...
  14. 2018: 1958 Les Paul Royal Tea Burst

    2018: 1958 Les Paul Royal Tea Burst

  15. GuitarTalk

    NGD 2018 R8 Royal Tea Burst VOS

    Great tone, great looks. Thanks Breaze Guitars! Weighs 8.6lb. Neck measures .904@1st and 1.010@12th. Flat sawn mahogany back, quarter sawn neck. Serial: 8 8670 The guitar is louder than all my other LP’s when unplugged, notes sutain and bloom quite well. Best (most consistent and dark) board...
  16. GBLEV

    September 2018 BTOM!

    Here we are September 2018, and it's time for a new track! This month we got some smooth blues in Bm. https://soundcloud.com/user-767905724/mlp-september-2018-btom-smooth-blues-in-bm The BTOM Mantra: If this is your first time, here are the guidelines. What is it? Every month I'll post a new...
  17. PierM

    NGD - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 - 50th Ann. (Wall of Text, Wall of Pictures)

    First of all I'm very sorry, yes, it's another Custom. And sorry for the wall of text, but might be helpful/useful for some guy on the fence for this (limited) run. Long time I was chasing an Historic LPC 68, but never managed to pull the trigger for a reason or another. Last run Gibson did, in...
  18. GBLEV

    August Backing Track of the Month!

    Sorry for being a little early, but if I don't do it now, I might end up being late. I'm sure you guys don't mind, right? Not only that, but this will give our friends across the pond a chance to get it tonight as well so they can sleep on it! A little quick note to all who are going to join...
  19. LesPeterGuitarJam

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2018 Tobacco Sunburst Perimeter

    I just picked up a new guitar, a les paul traditional 2018 tobacco sunburst perimeter. and wow.. she is AWESOME.. i have a few epi lp's, and they aint half bad, but this girl.. damn.. DING, welcome to the next level.. I did a very firmly inspection of the guitar in the store (the years with...
  20. dcurran87

    Chips on new fretboard...would they bother you?

    I've just changed the strings on my new 2018 Classic GT and noticed several "chips" out if the fretboard, presumably from some sort of tool used in factory..? A few of them go up to the frets and expose some of the fret base..but I don't think this is anything to worry about long term? The...

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