1. jgtman

    2017 Collectors Choice #3 The Babe number 169??

    Was doing some googling and stumbled across this: https://www.vintageandrare.com/product/Gibson-Collectors-Choice-3-The-Babe-2017-Sunburst-61968#prettyPhoto Found a thread from 2013 where oldgtarz posted "...Instead of 300 only 165 were made (well actually 167 but two were made as replacement...
  2. GuitarTalk

    R9 to pickguard or not to pickguard, that is the question

    Let me know what you guys think, I love this guitar either way :naughty: PG Off by The Russian posted Sep 3, 2018 at 3:51 AM PG Off by The Russian posted Sep 3, 2018 at 3:51 AM
  3. 2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run

    2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run

    The #1 Les Paul, 2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run
  4. GuitarTalk

    2018 Historic Collection Les Pauls vs. Previous Years' Reissues

    If this already exists, I apologize in advance. I am about to pull the trigger on a 2018 58' Historic Reissue VOS (pics and details to come:applause:). The last reissue that I purchased was from 2014 (an r9, back when it was simple, reissue = reissue). I understand in 2015/2016/2017 things...
  5. lespaulfreak93

    NGD and a hello to my favorite forum!

    Hi there! Short version: My new 2017 traditional. Pics at the bottom. Never been happier in my life. It's a long story, sorry ;-). First of all, this is my first post, though I've been lurking since I was a kid (many years before I made an account.) I like this forum more than "the other one"...
  6. chrisnatx

    2017 Les Paul Standard HP: Help me with some tough choices...

    First of all, Hello all. This is my first post/thread. I recently purchased my first Les Paul (had a long history with acoustics and PRS electric). I found a really good deal on a like-new 2017 LP Standard HP, in Bourbon Burst. See its specs HERE I could really use some help with some choices...
  7. ch4os82

    NGD - 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Limited Finish (My 1st Gibson)

    Finally got my 1st Gibson. A 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Desert Burst
  8. VDeuce


    Up for sale is a nice '17 Tribute Goldtop weighing 8.5 pounds. Excellent condition with only superficial pickmarks on guard and a small worming mark on the back that will likely not show in pics. Plays and sounds as good as she looks. No fret wear. Fantastic guitar for the money. $759...
  9. Kitsune

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Faded 2017 T Worn Cherry (Many PICS!)

    Hello everybody! I have posted about this guitar and how I added a Poker chip to it but then I realised I did not do a NGD post so, here is my new baby: I have attached many pics with and without flash so you can check the color depending on different lighting configuration. I am more of a...
  10. D

    Please delete -

    2017 model Les Paul Traditional. In new condition, played less than 3 hours. Honeyburst, no dings or scratches, as new. Plays and sound great. Weighs 10.1 lbs Traded Trades for other guitars, possibly amps considered. +/- cash where applicable P1000494 by Dave Rogers posted Aug 23, 2017 at...
  11. GuitarTalk

    The Most Beautiful Les Paul I Ever Did See

    Ill let these photos do the talking :photos::run: NGD: Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 2017 Bourbon Burst, AAA Tiger Flame Maple Top (it sounds even better than it looks) :):):)IMG_2984 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:24 PMIMG_2991 by The Russian posted Aug 22, 2017 at 10:38 PMIMG_2990 by...
  12. GuitarTalk

    NGD, Gibson Standard T vs Traditional T (2017)

    So a couple weeks back I picked up a new 2017 Gibson Standard T in Bourbon Burst. Yesterday, I exchanged the guitar for a brand new Traditional T 2017 Honeyburst model instead. Here is why (for anyone who is on the fence between the two models): Standard Features: - Push Pull coil-taps +...
  13. GuitarTalk

    Zebras, All black, All Cream, or Covers for LP Standard 2017?

    Hey Everyone, First post here: I am going to be changing out the Burstbucker Pro's on my new 2017 Standard Bourbon Burst to SD APH2s (Alinico II's). So now I am having a hard time deciding which colour to go with for the pups: Zebras, All black, All Cream, or Covers (or any other suggestions of...
  14. Photojazz

    2017 Les Paul Premium Plus Tiger Burst edition

    These were limited production run to 150 guitars, serial numbered by plate on back of guitars. I haven't done very good photography work in a while, too distracted with many other things... So, teaser shots. Such a fantastic player. No coil tapping, just quality electronics, and superb play...
  15. UKPortista

    NGD - Les Paul Standard 2017 Blueberry Burst 'T'

    After months of twiddling my thumbs waiting for another Blueberry HP to become available (last one was sent back due to a few niggles), this little lady 'T' popped up out of nowhere and stole my heart... Within minutes of getting my hands on her I knew she was 'the one' and that we'd be...
  16. James10101

    Does this look like an AAAA top? Gibson les Paul standard 2017 hp

    Hi, recently bought this les Paul standard hp. Plays and sounds like a beast! Absoulouteky love it! Just a bit concerned what it looks like up close! But far away the flame really comes through! Just wanted to know your opinion on this. Do you like The imperfections in the wood? Would you be...
  17. T

    Alpine White Gibson 2017 SG Standard T! Not bad...

    So my local Sam Ash lent me this 2017 Gibson SG Standard T in Alpine White to do a YouTube review. Having stepped away from Gibson for a few years, I've actually been quite pleasantly surprised by the 2017s I've tried so far... the T series at least. They seem like refined combinations of...
  18. samuk

    First Post: Les Paul 'Fifty17 Goldtop'

    Hi everyone, I'm new to MLP - so hello! Having dreamed of owning one since the age of 13 (I'm now 28...), I recently bought my first Gibson Les Paul here in London. It's a 2017 Classic Gold Top with some (mainly superficial, overpriced and unashamedly vanity driven) mods... Having played...

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