1. S

    Gibson Les Paul True Historic 1958 vs Les Paul R8 - Volume Problems

    Differences between Gibson's Les Paul R8 (2011, Iced Tea) and Gibson's Les Paul True Historic 1958 (2016, Lemon) - both Plaintop: The R8 has a significantly thicker neck and is heavier (approx. 4.1 kg) that has True Historic a narrower neck and weighs only 3.72 kg ... it also resonates better...
  2. GuitarTalk

    NGD: 2016 True Historic 1957 Goldtop [featherweight champion]

    My first R7: a 2016 True Historic in “Antique Gold”! 7 6064, named her “Aury”. Only 8lb (7.9 without the metal switchplate), my lightest solid body LP:) Enjoy the photos (better ones coming later) and congrats everyone on the other NGD posts today, beauties! P.S. Goldtops are much easier to...
  3. blix

    NGD 2016 '57 goldtop

    Just got this one in yesterday. 2016 57 lp. I had an 2003 Brazilian fretboard which was nice, sold it a few years back when I had my first child. And what I remember the most about that old 2003 was the unbelievably thick neck that was very hard to play on. But the newer 2016 neck is sooooo...
  4. blix


    Custombuckers from my 2016 R7 vos. 8 kohms and 8 kohms, alnico 3 Leads 10”+ neck and 6”+ bridge Pickup set only, no mounting hardware included. Sold.... https://reverb.com/item/13394267-gibson-custom-buckers-2016-nickel-vos
  5. gravedanger

    Need help! Anything I should know about 2016 R9s?

    This will be my first LP Reissue. I've found a new old stock guitar that I am looking at purchasing. It's a 2016 '59 reissue. Any reason to avoid this year or anything I should look out for?
  6. GuitarTalk

    2018 Historic Collection Les Pauls vs. Previous Years' Reissues

    If this already exists, I apologize in advance. I am about to pull the trigger on a 2018 58' Historic Reissue VOS (pics and details to come:applause:). The last reissue that I purchased was from 2014 (an r9, back when it was simple, reissue = reissue). I understand in 2015/2016/2017 things...
  7. Ozzy


  8. Ozzy


  9. deadringer


  10. Ozzy


    2016 1958 Reissue Les Paul. Faded Tobacco. Gloss.
  11. Turgut Kartal

    Pickguard Installation’s effect on Price

    Hello, Recently I have bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T. The pickguard and screws are included in the case and is not installed at the factory (so no holes in the body). I would like to install a pickguard but I have also been wondering if I try to sell the guitar now (or wait for 50...
  12. ingwurzer

    2016 Standard T, Tea Burst

    2016 Standard T, Tea Burst
  13. tymj2112

    NGD! 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop

    I've had the itch for one of these for a while, but once Sweetwater sold out of their stock, I thought they were gone forever. I read on another post here about Dave's Guitars carrying them and found this beast for $1,699. Cherry sunburst, 57 Classic and Classic Plus pickups, 50's neck...
  14. PierM

    NGD 2016 R8 LB VOS

    EDIT; She's at home!! More pictures here; Ok I did it...2016 R8 LB VOS, NGD on the ramp.... After a while being on the fence for a chunky R8, I think now I've found my one, a beautiful (for me) 2016 R8 Lemon Burst VOS, and I pull the trigger. Here some previews, I'll post my pictures when it...

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