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  2. 1959 Darkburst True Historic

    1959 Darkburst True Historic

  3. GuitarTalk

    1959 "Pumpkin" Burst

    Season appropriate name :hmm: Happy Halloween MLP'ers! 1959 True Historic Les Paul, Murphy Aged Darkburst [2015] @gravedanger wins for suggesting the name originally:cheers2:
  4. 1959 Pumpkin Burst

    1959 Pumpkin Burst

  5. 1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

    1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

  6. GuitarTalk

    NGD: Darkburst 1959 Murphy Aged 2015 True Historic Les Paul

    I think this one is the endgame for me. 8.5lb, neck's comfy with no shoulders, moderate aging by Murphy, dark smooth fretboard, and... TONE (glassy, deep, resonant, clear, bla bla bla I'll just share a demo with you guys!). Got it from a really cool local collector!
  7. GuitarTalk

    2018 Historic Collection Les Pauls vs. Previous Years' Reissues

    If this already exists, I apologize in advance. I am about to pull the trigger on a 2018 58' Historic Reissue VOS (pics and details to come:applause:). The last reissue that I purchased was from 2014 (an r9, back when it was simple, reissue = reissue). I understand in 2015/2016/2017 things...
  8. Dangitdan

    I'm the FNG and it's NGD!

    Finally found a Les Paul and it's a beauty! Exactly what I'd been looking for without the custom shop price tag. It's a 2015 limited edition Japan Les Paul traditional heritage cherryburst. The pick ups are amazing, build quality is great minus a couple pointy fret ends but nothing I can't fix...
  9. S

    FS: 2015 Gibson Les Paul CS8 Sunrise Tea Burst VOS

    Price: $3150 Shipped 2015 Gibson Les Paul CS8 (R8) 1958 Reissue Sunrise Tea Burst VOS Killer guitar. Honestly the best guitar I've ever had or played. But for what I do and the overall tone that I'm after, a Les Paul isn't the answer. More pictures: https://i.imgur.com/JaBS7E3.jpg...