1. Gustavo Pimenta

    Tokai 2012/2013 catalogs (WANTED)

    Kind of urgent. Does anyone have the Tokai catalogs from 2012 and 2013 (v. 27 and 28)? I just bought a 2012/2013 Korean ALS 62 and I now I'm not sure what wood the body is made of. In some places I see Basswood and other, like the 2018 catalog, I see Mahogany - maybe the basswood ones are Chinese?
  2. Luboy

    [NGD] '13 R8 lemon/blonde

    After months of CITES kicking my behind I found an affordable plain top lemon drop (burst) nearby. At almost 9.4 lbs it is heavier than my previous '14 R8 ice tea, but somehow it is more resonant. Seems to have a more pleasant neck angle and neck carve too, thus it operates and feels better...
  3. Nilsson

    My R9 2013 Texas Burst with Wizz Premium PAF's

    Hi! Short one again;) This is a song I've been working on lately and here's the solo part. Playing my beloved R9 with Wizz PAF's into a Peavey Classic MH20 with Orange 1x12 cab. Hope you'll like it! Cheers:)

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