1. Jewel the Sapphire

    Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau

    Picked this up about 9 weeks ago, I had been lusting after one of these for a long time... I had a feeling to check out facebook marketplace because I had some extra cash and saw it first. This one popped up for sale like 15 minutes before I found the listing and had attracted multiple buyers...
  2. Jewel the Sapphire

    Epiphone Bolt-on Les Paul Custom thing

    What do we have here? Appears to be of early korean manufacture with all kinds of unique design features that point to different years. Perhaps it was one of the first epiphone les pauls built with the clipped ear headstock shape... Check it out!!
  3. Jewel the Sapphire

    NGD: LPC 198X

    The clouds opened up and down came this guitar to my hands! :cheers2::cheers2::cheers2::cheers2::cheers2: The pickups, electronics, tuners, nut, straplocks and knobs were changed. I have not one but two of these prototype Epiphone Les Paul Customs, wider block inlays, neck volutes and ABR1...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    First time buying from Japan

    I have wanted to use one of the Yahoo Japan websites to buy this guitar and ended up using Rinkya. I have no idea whether or not Rinkya was the least expensive choice as far as fees and shipment costs to the US. Rinkya was the first Yahoo Japan site to successfully process a payment for my...
  5. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which guitar should I buy? Poll!

    Hey y'all there are three Les Pauls I am looking at and I should only pick one up at a time, here are photos and a poll to cast a vote. Thank You! First off over an hour drive but the only local sale out of these... a Special SC with hardcase $250 Second I have found a transparent amber...
  6. JPMGarcia

    1989 Standard - questions

    New member here. Been reading a lot of info on MLP this past month and decided to join, now I've got a few (many?) questions. I bought a used 1989 Standard (sunburst) in 1995 for $800. I had no idea what I was doing when I bought it, but it looked good and sounded fine. Now, after reading a lot...
  7. PierM

    (NGD) Gibson Les Paul Custom 1989....

    Hey fellas! Was searching for a 57 reissue...and (as usual) I've been hijacked by that gorgeous 1989 Les Paul Custom, which is in an incredible good shape for its age, and didn't resist. It has a gorgeous carved top. All original, no repairs, (bridge set was ordered that way, not sure if I'll...

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