1. Wudchuk

    Adam Jones Signature LP Custom

    First post, be gentle, please! Anyone thinking about shelling out the 6-10k for this? With most of them sold out... Been following it since he originally teased it a year back, only a little disappointed :,/ http://moronreviews.com/music/adam-jones-gibson-les-paul-custom-revealed/
  2. GrayHawK1

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    I’ve had this guitar now for about 6 years. Just wanted to know a little more about it. I was wondering if anyone knows the production number of these? Also if there’s a way to tell whether I have TTops or Shaw pickups without removing the pickup cover?
  3. LPaddicted

    Fender Stratocaster Black 1979

    For sale this nice '79 Stratocaster with great upgrade (Bare Knuckle pickups) and Gilmour wiring : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Fender-Stratocaster-Black-1979/233111417104
  4. eric ernest

    Vintage 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. Hot Hero Sandwich? Remember?

    This was a post of mine on Instagram: 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. It was 1978 and Disco was king....then a few things started to happened....Van Halen erupted onto the scene. AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Rush, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and some others were setting the stage for what was to come....the...

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