1. C

    Lefty 1970(?) 1969(?) Les Paul Custom

    Hello everyone - long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to thank everyone here for the invaluable wealth of information. I figured for my first post I’d share my most recent Norlin acquisition that I bought locally here in Canada. It’s a lefty, so might be a fun one for some of my...
  2. D

    (Need identification help!) Sears Slivertone Les Paul?

    I was trying to figure out what guitar this might be it was passed on from my grandfather to my dad to me. I talked to a guy into guitars and he said it’s very rare.
  3. TVBob

    1969-1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, End of the "Vintage Era"? NEW VIDEO!

    As we know, early in 1961 the single cutaway Les Paul was discontinued due to lack of sales. In summer 1968 it was reintroduced by popular demand. The first Les Pauls produced in 1968 were almost similar to those of the Ted McCarty era. In fact the 1968 Les Pauls predate the less desirable...
  4. '59Fatburst

    1971 Gibson ES-335 TDW, Clean!!

    Up for sale is my 1971 Gibson ES-335 in walnut, serial number 112625. I'm the 3rd owner of guitar and have the original sales receipt. The guitar was purchased from Melody Music in Englewood, Colorado in April 1972 as a leftover 1971 model. The guitar was owned by the same person until his...

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