1. Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop

    Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop

    Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop
  2. J

    All mahogany 68 LPC

    Hi all, I’m a newbie here. Just wanted to see if anyone can share their knowledge regarding an odd feature with my early 68 LPC. It has all features of an early 68 including dotted ‘I’ and open ‘b & o’, long tenon, one piece neck, non T top pup’s, pots are Centralabs CBA-811 1053 6826 (engraved...
  3. Luke Duke

    Looking at Buying/Restoring 1968 ES335 Shipping ledger?

    The guitar is a bit of a basket case. The previous owner used Krylon over the factory finish...and it appears to have a blue hue. So I'm wondering if it was Pelham Blue originally. I was hoping that maybe somebody had the page with the 51614x and maybe I could see if it said the original...
  4. PeteNJ75

    *SOLD* 2015 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom VOS Reissue True Historic Spec (Ebony Board)

    Sorry - this guitar has been sold. Near mint condition 2015 '68 Les Paul Custom Historic VOS Reissue - super resonant unplugged (loudest of the 7-8 LPs I've owned), plays like melted butter, stays in tune better than any of my other guitars, and has that big, full, chunky Les Paul sound...
  5. PierM

    NGD - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 - 50th Ann. (Wall of Text, Wall of Pictures)

    First of all I'm very sorry, yes, it's another Custom. And sorry for the wall of text, but might be helpful/useful for some guy on the fence for this (limited) run. Long time I was chasing an Historic LPC 68, but never managed to pull the trigger for a reason or another. Last run Gibson did, in...
  6. deadringer

    FS: 2006 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 '68 RI Reissue Silverburst Gloss

    Selling a used 2006 Gibson Les Paul Custom 68 RI reissue in Silverburst gloss finish. Real ebony fretboard, long neck tenon, ABR-1 bridge, Grover tuners, chrome hardware. Weighs 9 lbs., 15.6 oz. Larger 50's style neck profile, that measures: 1st fret - .913", 12th fret - 1.002" Some of the...
  7. Curious George

    Old New Old '68 SG day

    Not exactly a NGD, but a New Post of an old guitar. Posting up this one as it is just so interesting imho. One owner, excellent condition, orig case etc. What makes it so unusual? 1. it is highly figured mahogany. I found another on tlpf from a 2010 post of another '68 with similar figuring...
  8. jimmyguitar

    WTB 1950's or late 60's Goldtop Les Paul

    Anyone selling a pre 69 goldtop? Particularly interested in a 52/3 or 68. Players grade cosmetics fine with me but want all original parts and finish. I'm in the UK. Thanks!

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