1. GuitarTalk

    PRICE DROP - FS: 1965 Gibson ES-330 (Vintage and all Original)

    Price: $6100 USD, now $5750 USD. I’m pretty easy to deal with and consider trades (including high end automatic watches). Payment: cash in person preferred (located in Ottawa, Canada, can meet in person in Toronto and Montreal areas as well), but will accept wire, Friends and Family Paypal...
  2. J

    Nerd Alert, FUZZ Guitar Show 2019

    Hi, I hope I did post it in the right place at forum :cool: For nerdy guitar enthusiasts Gibson SG Special 1965 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 with 3 PAF PAF I never seen so many great and clean vintage guitars :D so i would...
  3. bossaddict

    NGD: Finally joined the Gretsch club - 1965 Chet Atkins 6120 Nashville

    After 29 years of playing guitar, I got bit by the Gretsch bug. I never really had much of an inkling for them until I just happened upon a '64 6122 Country Gentleman in a local shop here in Birmingham. I really liked the sound of the pickups and the overall vibe and came really close to going...
  4. Xrun Morzov

    Pair of Vintage Gibson 1965 Patent Number Sticker T Top Pickups Humbuckers

    A very nice pair of vintage Patent Number Sticker T Top humbucking pickups made no later than 1965 by Gibson. These were bought from David Bowes of Sigil Pickups. Please see photos for readings and extensive David's evaluation of these sweet pickups. Selling only because all my Gibsons have...

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