1960 les paul

  1. S

    R0 2018 Historic Collection vs 2020 60th Anniversary V2/V3

    I am about to get a CustomShop R0, 2018 Historic Collection. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/Custom/Historic-60-Les-Paul-Standard.aspx Besides burst colors and neck profiles, are there any other differences with the new 60th Anniversary V2 and V3? I am not sure if the...
  2. GuitarTalk

    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's my new gem (with photos below that leave little to the imagination): Model: 2018 1960 Les Paul with a Brazilian Fretboard Finish: Golden Poppy Burst, Gloss Run: Pre-Sold Limited, made for Wildwood (might be a one-off) Serial Number: 0 8002 Weight: 8.2 lb Neck...

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