1. M

    Gibson 1959 Explorer Replica build

    This is my first post here! A little bit about me, I am a 17 year old luthier named Ben and I have a fascination with building replica guitars to every detail possible. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, WI, where I went to see the 1959 Gibson Explorer they...
  2. kingsxman

    2015 Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #24 Charles Daughtry "Nicky" True Historic (Price DROP!!)

    TRADED!!!! For sale is my 2015 Gibson Collectors Choice True Historic #24 Charles Daughtry “Nicky”. This is absolutely the best Les Paul I’ve ever played. This is also one of the first that came out with the “True Historic” specs. When I went and looked at this guitar from a forum buddy I...
  3. J

    2014 Historic Les Paul Switch Cover Medallion

    This is a 2014 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul switch cover medallion. It is in mint condition. It fits any R7, R8, R9 or R0. Shipping is to lower 48 CONUS only. $160 PPG shipped. Thanks for looking!!!
  4. deadringer

    FS: 2012 Gibson ES-335 1959 Dot Custom Shop Reissue Pelham Blue Limited Edition 1 of 25

    Selling a rare Limited Run 2012 Gibson 1959 Dot Reissue Custom Shop ES-335 in Pelham Blue gloss. This is one of 25 total that were made and this one is number 5 of 25. This was made in the Gibson Nashville Custom Shop. Includes custom shop case, COA and paperwork as pictured. The pickups...
  5. treyrab

    NGD! Duane Allman Hot 'Lanta Burst Look-Alike?

    Happy [Flametop] Friday everyone! Wanted to share this little guy that walked into the door yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I thought: Hey, that is Duane, with the distinct gullwing maple! I just need to remove the guard now I think! For details, this is a Gibson R9 refinished and aged by...
  6. treyrab

    FS: New Gibson Les Paul Carmelita CC#37 (Aged) - Monster Top

    SOLD - Hi All - This just came in from Carter Vintage Guitars. It's a New (Aged) Gibson Les Paul Carmelita Collector's Choice #37 1959 Reissue, with Aged Lifton case. Carter Vintage did a video of this exact guitar (see below) so you can hear how it sounds. One of the top 5 Maple Tops of this...
  7. Fez Bear

    1959 Gibson Les Paul on eBay - is it genuine?

    So I just spotted this on eBay for £250,000...
  8. treyrab

    New Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon - Wowza!

    After much anticipation, the Historic Makeover is completed! Woohoo! This was done with the Deluxe (RDS) package with added parts shadows, broken-in aging, and Grovers. Kim & Team really knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I have to big give a shout-out to my pal Andy...
  9. Guitar Rod

    BOSS Katana's 28 "Sneaky Amp" types!

    I stumbled on this last night and couldn't find any discussion of it on here. Turns out the Katana firmware is actually based on the BOSS GT-100 multi-FX pedal and all its modeling! Which also means it is a digital effects modeler. But it also means it's possible to access all the amp models...
  10. treyrab

    FS: Gibson JIMMY PAGE #1 Custom Authentic Les Paul, New - Free Overnight Shipping

    Hi Everyone! The time has come for me to part with this. Too many guitars and not enough playing means that someone else should be enjoying it. I bought it from a collector in Minnesota a few years ago. I've strummed it a few times here and there, but beyond that, it's in the same shape as...
  11. To Mega Apeiron

    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul 1959 True Historic 2015 reissue

    Gibson Les Paul 1959 True Historic 2015 Vintage Lemon Burst Near mint. Just a couple of small scuffs on the back and a small wear mark on the bottom right of the headstock. Frets and fretboard show no wear. Comes with COA, OHSC, case candy, and extra toggle switch cover. Top has great color and...
  12. lakehaus

    FS: 2012 R9 Bourbon Now UNAVAILABLE

    I'm jonesing hard for a vintage Martin 00/000-18. In addition to this guitar, I am listing a '14 R8 here and on other forums, and a '10 00-18v. Of the three, I'll sell ONLY one of the Reissues, and likely the 00-18v too. Please read carefully - this R9 is currently in use with hardware, elex...
  13. treyrab

    Happy NGD! 2016 True Historic Murphy Flame

    Happy Thursday Everyone! I didn't really need this (well, at least my wife tells me that), but I was too mesmerized when I saw it that I couldn't pass it up. It was a M2M done by Chicaco Music Exchange last year - Faded Tea Burst, CC#35 back (Gruhn Burst), 8lbs 3oz. Cheers everyone!
  14. R

    FS 2012 Gibson Les Paul R9

    Selling my 2012 Gibson R9. It sounds and plays great. Reverb link: https://reverb.com/item/4890019-gibson-1959-les-paul-reissue-2012-ice-tea-burst Asking Price: $5,300. Thanks for looking Ron
  15. nuance97

    My 1st Guitar Build: A Les Paul... (duh)!

    Well I have been hanging around here for years...at least one before I joined. I feel like I've have learned more here than I could have anywhere else, and I say THANK YOU to all of the ridiculously talented luthiers that post here. It is my turn to add something to the forum of some...
  16. eric ernest

    1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar 9 0821 detailed photos

    August 4th my "Burstday." What better day to get a burst? Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Whole photo Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Body photo. Memphis Mojo Les Paul. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. Details photo. Memphis...

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