1. GuitarTalk

    R9 to pickguard or not to pickguard, that is the question

    Let me know what you guys think, I love this guitar either way :naughty: PG Off by The Russian posted Sep 3, 2018 at 3:51 AM PG Off by The Russian posted Sep 3, 2018 at 3:51 AM
  2. First Look: 2017 1959 Reissue Les Paul

    First Look: 2017 1959 Reissue Les Paul

  3. J

    NGD 2018 Dirty Lemon R9 Brazilian Board

    I got this last week and thought I would post an official thread for you guys. This one came from Curt at HOG after looking at many others for more than a year for me. This thing is just...KILLER!!! It’s the best Les Paul I’ve ever owned including a very spectacular 2015 True Historic R9 which...
  4. J

    Gibson 1959 ES 335 Historic Collection 1998 ES 335 Reissue

    This is an exceptional 1998 Historic Collection ‘59 Reissue ES 335. The color is the very desirable faded cherry red. Very early production late 90’s vintage accurate orange label guitar. Neck is exceptional on this one (0.92-1.02 is what I get on my caliper). Weight is a very comfortable...
  5. J

    2004 Les Paul Historic Collection 1959 Reissue “hot lanta”

    Here is the closest guitar you will ever see to Duane Allman’s original “Hot Lanta” burst. Unbelievably similar gull flame pattern. This is a 2004 that was originally sold by Ronn David at Vintage World. Absolutely spectacular top. It plays beautifully, no issues or funny business. Weight is...
  6. treyrab

    NGD: Vintage 1959 ES-345 Cherry Red

    Hi Everyone - I wanted to share a "new" vintage guitar with you all. I believe this is now the 7th cherry-red 1959 ES-345 found (Lucky #7). I happened to be in a lucky scenario traveling to NYC for work last week when I connected with the family who owned the guitar. They decided it was the...
  7. 316guitars

    2014 LPR9 LemonBurst -STUNNING! sell/trade You have to see this one!!!

    The top on this R9 is stunning! This looks more akin to the Collector's choice "Whitford" 1959 of the same year (2014)... I mean this thing is gorgeous. Plays as good as it looks! Pickups were upgraded by the previous owner to Rolph Pretenders and they sound excellent! Very good condition and...
  8. L

    FS: 1959 Les Paul Reissue (R9) - Flame!

    This 2004 R9 is nicely flamed and sounds great, with good clarity, smooth mids, and plenty of bottom end. Custom Buckers are installed and the original Burst Buckers are included. Comfortable neck (1st fret .87", 12th fret .94") and weight (8 lbs 13 oz). While the condition is excellent, it...
  9. GuitarTalk

    2018 Historic Collection Les Pauls vs. Previous Years' Reissues

    If this already exists, I apologize in advance. I am about to pull the trigger on a 2018 58' Historic Reissue VOS (pics and details to come:applause:). The last reissue that I purchased was from 2014 (an r9, back when it was simple, reissue = reissue). I understand in 2015/2016/2017 things...
  10. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2007 R9 Les Paul, Historic Makeovers Deluxe (RDS) - NEW PICS

    EDIT 4/14/18: I added some new pics that I just took this morning in a new post, which shows the guitar as it will come (with the parts listed below). _____________________ I usually try to shy away from guitar-selling cliches and hyperbole, but... "I must be crazy" and similar lines are...
  11. treyrab

    FS: Vintage PAF Pickup w/ Nickel Cover (from 1960/1961)

    Hi All - I just took a PAF out of an early 1961 Gibson. Perfect condition (no rewind, not altered, etc.), great patina on the nickel cover, long original lead (11 inches), strong output (7.5ohm), etc. Pretty much perfect as far as old PAFs go. As long as I net $2,200 I'll be happy (which I...
  12. bblooz

    NVGD: A Perfect Pair - '59 LP Special & GA-5 amp

    Well, I finally bought a cool vintage guitar, 1959 Gibson LP Special from MLP brother deadlyweasel last week. Here's a pic of my new axequsition with it's likely stablemate, a 1956 Gibson GA-5. I will likely get her refinished in correct TV yellow, but just enjoying it as is for now!
  13. treyrab

    FS: 1999 Lifton Gibson Les Paul Case w/ Historic Makeover Aging - Free Overnight Shipping

    Hi Everyone - I recently purchased a vintage 50's Lifton, so I am selling my reissue aged case. The case started its life as a 1999 Lifton Reissue case - Like this one - https://goo.gl/MvzRvT, which are typically thought of as being the most realistic '59 cases that Gibson has made. I then...
  14. treyrab

    1959 Single Cut Replica - Brazilian, Old Growth, Flamed Maple, etc.

    Hi All - I am selling a (new) 1959 Single Cut, Luthier-Built Replica. I had this built by one of the top luthiers (it takes him about 3 months) and during that time I bought a Les Paul conversion, which is satisfying my Old-Growth needs. Thus, I am putting this up for sale. It has old-growth...
  15. treyrab

    New 1956/1959 Conversion - A Flamey Success!

    Hi Everyone! I just completed a very fun journey that I wanted to share with you all. Knowing that I would (probably) never own a real 'Burst, I wanted to get as close as I could....and that meant going the conversion route. It took me a long time to find the perfect guitar as I wanted A) The...
  16. treyrab

    A HistoricMakeovers NGD - Skinnerburst^2!

    Hi All - This was a fun project that Kim and I conjured up recently. This Les Paul started its life as a 2017 Gibson Historic. Given the maple reminded us both of the Skinnerburst, we decided to go all-out and try to recreate it. Here's the final product and some fun pictures for you all...
  17. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Kluson Vintage Reissue Tuners (Full Set) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just changed to Grovers on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $30. Send me $30 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  18. treyrab

    FS: Gibson R9 Wiring Harness (Pots, Caps, Bees) From 2013 R9

    Hi Guys & Gals - I just upgraded my wiring harness on my R9. I'm not looking to get much for this, just looking to go fast, maybe $50. Send me $50 + $10 shipping and I'll overnight ship this via FedEx. Cheers!
  19. Hiltz390GT

    BYO KIT?

    Hey guys, same as a lot of people on here, i want to do a les paul build, BUT it has to be the right build. So, I'm pretty handy, but doing a scratch build is out of my league. I'm looking to get a pretty specific guitar out of my efforts, and the big thing for me is I want to be able to have a...

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