1. Chakalawaka

    '59 PAF Talk

    Alright peeps, To all of you guardians of the knowledge, I was wondering something... And by the way, this is purely hypothetical: Are the humbuckers on a 1959 ES-335 the same paf as the ones on a 1959 Les Paul Standard? Or are they wound differently? And if you had a well made R9 and throw a...
  2. nicolasrivera

    New Mike Burn 1959 Les Paul Video

  3. 519tbarr

    60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Looks like our new forum member Mat & Custom Shop specialist talked with "GUITAR" more in depth about the 60th anniversary 1959 Les Paul Reissue. Owning 2 R8 reissues - it will be interesting to see how the unpotted custom buckers sound next to the one's we are familiar with and if the new...
  4. J

    WTB this particular Brazilian board R9

    anyone have or know where this one might be? It sold new from HOG last year but they don’t have a record of where it went. Thanks guys!
  5. J

    FS: Art of Aging Switch Ring

    This was ordered from Crazy Parts in Germany. It is a slightly aged bone finish. Very authentic switch ring. I sold the guitar I was going to install this on so never used it. $15 PPG shipped to you. Thanks for looking. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only.
  6. J

    FS: Unused Art Of Aging humbucker mounting rings

    These were ordered from crazy parts in Germany. They were designed after original burst rings. Slightly aged bone finish. I sold the guitar I was going to install them on so never used them. Also comes with aged mounting screws. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. $35 PPG shipped to you. Thanks for...
  7. Z

    Replacing Parts On A 1959 Les Paul?

    Hey guys. You guys probably have seen a lot of 1959 Les paul videos on youtube. A lot of them guys say “Its all original parts” or “its bone stock” etc Does that mean nothing at ALL is replaced on this guitar? How does a toggle switch for example on a 59 60 les paul manage to last that long...
  8. J

    WTB: 2018 Brazilian R9

    shoot me what you’ve got, thanks!
  9. J

    Looking for this R9

    Hey guys, wondering if any of you recently picked this R9 up or know who may have it? Been looking for a good bourbon burst for awhile. Let me know! Thanks!
  10. J_Euphoria

    DIY Guitar Kit Build: 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great Winter season so far! To jump straight to the point, I have built a 1959 Les Paul out of DIY Kit I got from AliExpress. I was heavily inspired by Gibson's 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul. I just loved the "heart" design at the center of...
  11. treyrab

    NGD - Vintage 1959 ES-345 TDSV

    Aloha folks! I thought I would share a cool new vintage ES that I recently found. Those who know me understand that I just can't say "No" to any vintage ES, but particularly '59 ES-345s, which I think are very special guitars. I didn't currently have a Sunburst, so found one and added it to...
  12. egrassel

    FS Vic Dapra Stickshift '59

    SOLD Please delete IMG_20170906_235507_267 by egrassel posted Nov 9, 2018 at 10:54 PM IMG_20171004_174457_145 by egrassel posted Nov 9, 2018 at 10:54 PM IMG_20170608_121045_567 by egrassel posted Jun 12, 2017 at 4:39 PM20170609_200015 by egrassel posted Jun 12, 2017 at 4:39 PM
  13. treyrab

    FS: Tom Murphy Painted & Aged '59 Les Paul - #7/100, 8.2 lbs, Killer Top

    Hi Everyone - Selling the best Custom Shop LP that I have owned due to a new addition in the family coming soon. This is the 2017 limited run of Tom Murphy LPs where he designed each (100) guitars from start to finish. What: 2017 Tom Murphy Painted & Aged True Historic 1959 Les Paul Standard...
  14. 1959 Darkburst True Historic

    1959 Darkburst True Historic

  15. mrslash

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Lemonburst VOS

    She's finally here, in all her glory!! 2016 GIBSON LES PAUL R9 1959 LEMONBURST VOS I've been dreaming about one of these reissues for years now, got to play a few in the last years, tried SHs, THs, etc, etc, but boy I finally found THE ONE that plays right for me. I'm absolutely in love...
  16. 1959 Pumpkin Burst

    1959 Pumpkin Burst

  17. Formvar

    FS: 1971 Les Paul Goldtop - Vintage 1958 / 1954 Reissue - Superior to any 1959 Historic

    1971 Les Paul Goldtop for sale. This is a killer vintage Goldtop for the same price as a `59 Historic Reissue. It sounds incredible and is a vintage piece. This one weighs 9 lbs 1.4 ounces with Grovers. Most i`ve seen weigh around 10 lbs +. RARE, 47+ year old wood here! Original finish One...
  18. bossaddict

    Sold: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop '59 Reissue Flying V - $2975

    I just made a major purchase and need to unload a few things to cover it, so you're going to be seeing quite a bit of me. :wave: I got this V from @jeggz here on the forum a couple of years ago and it's a super resonant and light guitar featuring a mahogany body and neck. It plays and sounds...
  19. 1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

    1959 Murphy Aged True Historic Darkburst Les Paul

  20. GuitarTalk

    NGD: Darkburst 1959 Murphy Aged 2015 True Historic Les Paul

    I think this one is the endgame for me. 8.5lb, neck's comfy with no shoulders, moderate aging by Murphy, dark smooth fretboard, and... TONE (glassy, deep, resonant, clear, bla bla bla I'll just share a demo with you guys!). Got it from a really cool local collector!

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