1. bossaddict

    '59 Burst delivered to its new owner

    I just watched this and thought you all might enjoy it...
  2. J

    WTB: wide ribbony R9

    Hey guys, if you have a monster top you’re looking to move, message me. Needs to be wide ribbony flame and 2013 or newer. Bourbon burst, factory burst, lemon etc. Just missed one that sold from MGL last week as well if anyone knows where that one ended up? Thanks!
  3. P


  4. jaik

    Case Candy - Gibson polish (1949?) SOLD

    This bottle of Gibson guitar polish came inside the original case of a 1949 Gibson archtop, along with this polishing cloth, by way of an estate. The bottle is 1/2 full of the original polish, which I would not try out on your burst at this point. In any case, its fun case candy, but especially...
  5. LP-Lover

    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    Would you guys mind giving your opinion on something please? I’ve just purchased a brand new 60th Anniversary 1959. What are your thoughts on the image below? There in a slight binding ridge between neck wood and binding where neck meets the body. Think this has also caused a bleed of the dye...
  6. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2017 VOS R9 Les Paul

    Up for sale is a 2017 '59 Reissue Les Paul in what I believe is Iced Tea finish. I got this very recently thinking that it might dethrone my beloved CC#7 as the only Historic that I'm allowing myself to own and it came pretty close, but the Shanks won out once again. This one's got a gorgeous...
  7. J

    FS: Wizz Hot Lanta PUPs

    I’m selling a rare set of Wizz PUPs wound hot to simulate Duane’s Hot Lanta burst. The neck reads 8.36 ohms, the bridge reads 8.77 ohms. A4 magnets, covers never removed, zebra bobbins underneath. Need to clear $350 after shipping and fees. Pm me for pics. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. Will...
  8. TrippyStormtrooper

    Marshall 1959HW Preamp Tube Blown

    EDIT: Fixed. Was the ECC83 in V1. Playing my 1959HW today and the volume suddenly dropped. Testing the amp, the Normal Channel seems to be fine but the Hi Treble makes no noise. Is it safe to assume this is a preamp tube? Or is something else possibly at play?

    SOLD - Gibson Les Paul TH 1959 Braz board

    Selling my 2015 R9 True Historic specs Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue that received a Historic makeover by the renowned Brian Monty: 1. Beautiful authentic old growth very dark Brazilian board 2. Also neck carve is shaped accurately for actual 59 with very small shoulders C-neck profile. 3...
  10. Metlking

    SOLD! Gibson Collectors Choice #37 Carmelita Les Paul

    Sold!…….add actual shipping and any fees incurred. Not really looking for trades at this time. Up for grabs is my 2016 Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #37 "Carmelita" Weighs 8lbs, 7.7oz True historic spec replica of the 1959 cherry burst Les Paul known as Carmelita Maple top is famous...
  11. J

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection Faded Cherry 1959 ES 335

    This is an exceptional Custom Shop 1998 Historic Collection ‘59 Reissue ES 335. The color is the very desirable faded cherry red. Very early production late 90’s vintage accurate orange label guitar. Neck is exceptional on this one (0.92-1.02 is what I get on my caliper). Weight is a very...
  12. I

    My little aged custom built 59ish monster.

    So I built this a while back, always wanted a really aged monster of a guitar. Spent a lot of time photo searching and researching and came up with this guy. Painted, Assembled, And Aged by me, Misc hardware from Faber, Stewmac, Creamtone etc. Pickups are Geppetto Guitars Camelots (PAF Clones)...
  13. J

    FS: 2015 Les Paul True Historic 1959 Reissue

    This is a 2015 True Historic 1959 Reissue. It is in excellent condition. It has an absolutely killer wide ribbon top on it. Weight is 8 lbs 5 ounces. The neck is a perfect 59 profile (my calipers need a battery, but it is a very authentic neck carve true to an original). There is some minor neck...
  14. J

    FS: 2004 Gibson “Hot ‘Lanta” Les Paul 1959 Reissue

    Here is the closest guitar you will ever see to Duane Allman’s original “Hot Lanta” burst. Unbelievably similar gull flame pattern. This is a 2004 that was originally sold by Ronn David at Vintage World. Absolutely spectacular top (deep, wide and flitch matched just like Duane's). The color is...
  15. HIDDEN

    Gibson 1959 60th: how can you tell which is Bolivian or Indian Rosewood???

    Sorry for my ignorance but how can one tell? Is there a special serial number to look for or is it simply by the look of it? :wtf:
  16. Metlking

    NGD: 59 Junior!

    So I finally picked up a "bucket-list" guitar after a few years of casual searching for the right one at the right price! Its a 59' Junior! Appears to be all original, possibly the jack plate is not, its too clean! I took a peek at the pickup and it looks as if I'm the first one to see it since...
  17. treyrab

    FS: 1958 Gibson ES - Mint Condition, Original Lifton Hardshell Case

    I am selling an original 1958 Gibson ES-125T. I purchased this from the original family in Kansas last year, but the guitar is not really my style. Would rather it go to someone who would appreciate it. Comes with original brown case ("Lifton" badge inside). The guitar is nearly unplayed - all...
  18. eric ernest

    1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1959 Conversion. Continuing the discussion about modified Goldtops.

    Since there has been a fair amount of discussion about modified Goldtops, I thought I would post some photos of this unique guitar. While the center seam is not down-the-middle, it does run through the G string....pretty close. The guitar has been modified and had conversion work done on it...
  19. treyrab

    FS: 2003 Les Paul R7 Custom Shop (Brazilian) - Free Overnight Ship

    Hi All - I am selling my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop R7. I just got a new Historic Makeovers R9, so this has to go. The R7 is in fantastic shape and is 100% stock and a good weight at 8.5lbs on my scale. While it is out of the "Brazilian S/N range", many R7s still received Brazilian; based on a few...
  20. J

    Anyone know where this one went?

    2018 Brazilian board dirty lemon WW spec...I think a member here originally owned it then sold it to MGL then it disappeared...would like to put an offer out to whoever has it if anyone knows; thx

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