1959 reissue

  1. PeteNJ75

    NGD: Joe Perry/Slash Dark Burst R9 w/ Deluxe Historic Makeovers Package

    New (old) guitar day: As I did with my CC#1 VOS, I sent Kim and the team at Historic Makeovers my Joe Perry Signature VOS R9 to do a custom aging job to match the real guitar famous for being the burst Slash used in the November Rain video. I was never going to be able to afford the Gibson...
  2. GuitarTalk

    NGD (kind of) - Pearly Gates HM RDS with ORIGINAL 1957 Les Paul PAFs (pre-sticker, steel covers!)

    TL;DR - rare original, pre-sticker Les Paul PAF’s (steel covers) combined with one of the first Real Deal Series (Historic Makeovers) Pauls (1959 Reissue, 2009). Unreal tone and looks! It’s been about a year with this beauty. All my other LP’s have been sold since getting this one and I haven’t...
  3. PeteNJ75

    Delete - not in the market anymore

    Found my guitar - you can delete this thread.
  4. 2019r9sitf-50.jpg


    2019 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1959 Reissue VOS - Slow Iced Tea Fade
  5. DADF#AD

    SOLD Please Delete

    **SOLD (Pending Payment)** I've relisted my holy grail 2013 WW Lester for sale again after about a year due to a rather large upcoming family medical expense. Some of you may remember it. There's been a lot of interest but no sale yet, so I'm dropping the price once again. I'm looking to get...
  6. A Dark Burst in a Dark Room.

    A Dark Burst in a Dark Room.

    Gibson Les Paul, 1959 True Historic (2015, Tom Murphy aged Darkburst). Photo Credit: yours truly (@GuitarTalk on Instagram)
  7. 2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run

    2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run

    The #1 Les Paul, 2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue, True Historic Spec, Dirty Lemon Burst VOS Limited Run
  8. GuitarTalk

    NGD 2017 R9 Les Paul TH Spec Dirty Lemon Limited Run

    Hey guys, Never owned a lemon burst but always wanted one, others’ NGD posts didn’t help the GAS either. I only ever usually buy used or trade for LP’s, but I thought it was time to buy an LP for good, brand new, the “one” (you know). I was very picky for this reason, I wanted weight below...
  9. gary moore 92

    FT: 2016 R8 Iced Tea & 2015 '56 Strat Heavy Relic black

    Hi, I'm looking for a 2 for 1 trade. I'm only interested in killertop R9's, preferring 2013+ or 59 True Historics/PSL's/Historic Select LP's with high flame top and thin nitro finish. Money can be added in case of a 59 TH. My instruments were both bought from Gregor Hilden, a well known...
  10. J

    WTB: this specific 2018 Brazilian board R9 reissue

    98E4B437-386E-4AF3-9F68-B824A25E3AC8 by jhs77 posted May 3, 2018 at 7:32 AM If you or someone you know has it, please let me know! Thanks guys! Sold in January at HOG
  11. Roots Rawker

    50th Anniversary R9 (Steve Miller), ES-335 and custom SG Jr build

    Hey guys, It pains me to do this, but current circumstances mean that I need to let go of some of my favorite gear. I hope I don't have to sell all of these, so I plan to pull this thread once I raise enough cash, or my wife finds a new job! Details and pics for all the guitars below are...
  12. treyrab

    New Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon - Wowza!

    After much anticipation, the Historic Makeover is completed! Woohoo! This was done with the Deluxe (RDS) package with added parts shadows, broken-in aging, and Grovers. Kim & Team really knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I have to big give a shout-out to my pal Andy...
  13. Ozzy


    2011 Gibson Custom Les Paul 1959 Reissue Killer Quilt Scotch Burst. 1 of 5 made in this color world wide. 7A (AAAAAAA) grade maple quilt top. SOLD --
  14. PontiacKendall

    SOLD: 2007 Gibson Melody Maker 1959 Reissue - Makeover by Starr Guitars

    For sale is my 2007 Gibson Melody Maker '59 Reissue which had a makeover by Starr Guitars. The guitar sounds fantastic with a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup and it plays like a dream. But the real treat is this Melody Maker had a complete makeover by Starr Guitars back in 2014. They...

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