1. treyrab

    FS: 2003 Les Paul R7 Custom Shop (Brazilian) - Free Overnight Ship

    Hi All - I am selling my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop R7. I just got a new Historic Makeovers R9, so this has to go. The R7 is in fantastic shape and is 100% stock and a good weight at 8.5lbs on my scale. While it is out of the "Brazilian S/N range", many R7s still received Brazilian; based on a few...
  2. TVBob

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior Video

    I'm pleased to introduce you "Coffee", an original vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior with terrific tone.
  3. '59Fatburst


    Please delete. Thank you!
  4. GuitarTalk

    1957 Everything. Perfect combo. Coincidence? [VIDEO DEMO]

    Let me know what your guys’ favourite combination is.:run: I thought I’d share what a perfect combo this is: - 1957 Gibson True Historic Goldtop (2016) - 1957 Fender Bandmaster Reissue (2016) With no pedals (apart from a basic reverb through the front).
  5. GuitarTalk

    NGD: 2016 True Historic 1957 Goldtop [featherweight champion]

    My first R7: a 2016 True Historic in “Antique Gold”! 7 6064, named her “Aury”. Only 8lb (7.9 without the metal switchplate), my lightest solid body LP:) Enjoy the photos (better ones coming later) and congrats everyone on the other NGD posts today, beauties! P.S. Goldtops are much easier to...
  6. Ozzy


  7. PierM

    NGD - Yes another Black Custom, sry! BB7 2009, Huge Neck

    And here we go again, yet another Les Paul Custom in Black and Gold....I'm boring. :D BTW...after couple of years lurking and searching for a good historic '57, without paying the nonsense money for a TH, I managed to find a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Custom Reissue '57, which does fill many of the...
  8. Londonbus

    Original 1957 Gibson Price List

    This is pretty cool. Fun to look through and daydream of a time you could pick up a 57 Les Paul Custom for $375. Toss in a L5 archtop and you still haven't cracked $1000! :bonk Several pics up on Reverb here: http://rvrb.io/1957-1957-dealer-p-e7l6pg $199 shipped. Would trade for a set...
  9. bossaddict

    Sold: 1993 R7 Les Paul, Ebony Historic Makeovers Deluxe w/ upgraded parts - $4975

    I just bought back my old '98 B4 Custom, so I'm swapping one black guitar for another. This one is a killer first-year Historic R7 that was sent to Historic Makeovers for a black/ebony refin and given their Deluxe makeover package in 2016 plus some additional options as well. If you're looking...
  10. J

    2016 Les Paul Custom 1957 True Historic Reissue

    This is a 2016 Gibson 1957 Les Paul Custom True Historic Reissue. This is the one. Gibson only made the True Historics in 2015 and 2016 and the customs were made in very limited numbers. All hide glue construction, correct long neck tenon, vintage correct plastics, custom bucker pickups, hand...
  11. T

    1957 original Black Beauty with Bigsby for sale

    Folks, I'm helping a friend who's not too much in internet to sell his original 1958 Black Beauty. The guitar is all original except the pickup rings, the neck pickup that's a '61 Pat. No. probably a PAF inside and the middle pickup that's a '57 PAF. They've been swapped because the original was...
  12. J

    2014 Historic Les Paul Switch Cover Medallion

    This is a 2014 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul switch cover medallion. It is in mint condition. It fits any R7, R8, R9 or R0. Shipping is to lower 48 CONUS only. $160 PPG shipped. Thanks for looking!!!
  13. J

    2008 R7 Historic Collection 1957 Reissue Goldtop VOS

    This is a 2008 Gibson 1957 Historic Collection Reissue VOS Goldtop. This one has the tone. It can scream with harmonic overdrive or clean up clean and clear. The pickups are vintage accurate burstbuckers. The neck pickup measures 7.57 ohm and the bridge measures 7.98 ohm. The neck is a very nice...
  14. deadringer

    FS: 2013 Gibson Les Paul '57 Reissue R7 Gold Top VOS Dark Back

    Selling a 2013 Gibson Les Paul '57 Reissue R7 Gold Top VOS with Dark Back. Great condition overall, has a few small dings pictured below. Also, it has a very small finish imperfection by the tailpiece as pictured. All original, includes COA, case, paperwork, Custombucker pickups, etc. Weighs 8...
  15. bossaddict

    NGD: 1993 Ebony R7, Historic Makeovers

    I just got this in on Friday and have had a hard time putting it down since then. It started its life as a first-year '57 Reissue goldtop, but was sent by the previous owner to Historic Makeovers for the Deluxe package last year, where it got an Ebony refin, Braz board, upgraded logo, etc. I...
  16. samuk

    First Post: Les Paul 'Fifty17 Goldtop'

    Hi everyone, I'm new to MLP - so hello! Having dreamed of owning one since the age of 13 (I'm now 28...), I recently bought my first Gibson Les Paul here in London. It's a 2017 Classic Gold Top with some (mainly superficial, overpriced and unashamedly vanity driven) mods... Having played...
  17. GibsonKramer

    One Paul to Rule Them All - NGD - 2015 TH BB '57 [Pic Heavy]

    Or... King Kong of Pauls I had no intention of looking for one of these, much less buying one. The only reissue type guitar I was eyeballing, was a R8 if one ever popped up close by. I had passed on one, about 2 years ago, and have been kicking myself in the ass, since. I really liked that...

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