Well-Hung Straps Shock and Awe are Awesome!

Well-Hung Straps Shock and Awe personalized Guitar Strap
Pros: It's all good!
Cons: I don't own one of Brad's creations... yet.
Chris made an excellent review of what appears to be an excellent strap!
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Pros: Fantastic well made straps made to order. Very personalized and great attention to detail!
Cons: None!
After contacting Brad, I was pleasantly surprised at how interested he was in making me a custom strap to my liking. We talked and decided to make my strap using patches from my 26-year career. All of the patches have some significant meaning to me. The 83rd patch was my first unit, the 95th patch was my final unit. The 13th Air Force patch was where I spent a lot of my career. The Master Sergeant patch was the highest rank I attained. The patch from Osan AB was significant because I met my wife there in 1982. And the Saudi Arabia patch was where I was deployed for three separate 120-day tours to the desert!

After Brad received my patches, he immediately went to work on a few different layouts so I could decide what order I wanted them in. I was amazed at his enthusiasm and excitement over my project. He had the strap made incredibly quick and on its way to me!

But, let’s get to the good part. The Well-Hung Shock and Awe strap is THE BEST strap I’ve ever owned. It has a nice amount of padding so it’s super comfortable. The back has a very nice suede that keeps the guitar in place and never allows it to slip around. The D-Ring set up is super easy to adjust! I just could not be happier!

That is so cool! Those WWII patches are really valuable to collectors, but even more special to family members.
These are on my radar. Not the Shock and Awe, I am not a vet or anything, but pretty much everything the guy does it epic.
Anytime brother!

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