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I bought this amp in 2018 for what seemed a great price of about £470 (in the UK). But at the time was a little careful regarding exactly how this amp would sound, after all, PRS had been making amps for some time and many of them were not for me. But the magic words that got my interest was Mark Tremonti.

You could say that Mark plays rock... darn right he does. So I bought the amp and looked closer. I looked really close. The quality inside is great and PRS have a 5 year warranty, but most importantly this amp delivers exactly what you would expect. And its loud!

For the approximate 17 watts that is the output you might have a problem if you play this amp through a 4x12 cab and turn it right up. You WILL have a problem. But it is a master volume amp and that allows control somewhat for most environments.

In any case this is basically a two channel rock monster of an amp.

The PRS MT 15 tube amplifier from Paul Reed Smith. In my inside and out review I show what others often fail to mention. Check the design, the quality, the warranty and the tones. The amp is also played and I cover other things like settings.

Its a relatively low cost tube amplifier and it has something to say for a price most guitarists can afford. Get answers to questions that you might have: Why is this just 17 watts output - is it loud enough? Is this a real tube amp? What input voltages are available? Are the tubes good quality? Can this amplifier be used for keyboards? What is the overall review score? Does the MT 15 sound good? What is the manufacturers warranty?

The PRS 'Mark Tremonti' MT-15 tube amp is an extremely well made amplifier and designed to take the knocks on the road for sure. Of course, PRS comes from making guitars, but later down the road, they employed a really great tube amplifier specialist who is responsible for the tube amp line. And in my opinion it's a massive 'step up' compared to some of the other amplifiers from PRS. Can a 'Made in China' amplifier cut the mustard? and what about the overall quality? Concerned? Then watch the video!

The MT 15 is made of very strong metal - no plastic here! and while it is just 17 watts or so, it packs a punch far higher. In fact if you put this tube amp on a 4x12 Marshall 1960a cab it can basically move you away from the speakers :) One great thing I liked about this amplifier is that it is made of pretty good quality components to a high standard, not always seen on guitar amps costing this price. PRS has made a very worthwhile product that won't break the bank. One of the best features I think is that this amplifier comes with a five year warranty! Yes that's right, PRS support this amp for a whole five years.

Of course they won't warrant the valves for five years but nevertheless this is a truly great addition. Other makers in this price range are most often just one year.

I developed the 'Inside and Out' review of this wonderful amp and if you get chance to see it here:
then its likely you will learn more about that amp than in any review anywhere.

And I hope you like this. Thanks and Stay safe.

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Pros: Great quality and incredible rock tones
Cons: Can be very loud
Basically one of the best bangs for the buck of any amp I have tried in many years, it does exactly what it says on the tin. This rating is based on my personal experience with this amp since December 2018. I have used it in a studio environment where there are many different needs depending on what you might want at any given time or depending on the exact musical tastes of guitarists that might use it.

Clearly not an amp for getting Fender tones, and if you need clean tones then this amp is not for you. But if you play rock and/or metal then this amp might be good for you and certainly there is enough volume to gig with depending on which speakers you use and their efficiency.

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