The Fractal Audio Systems AX8

Pros: Fantastic, usable amp, cab and effects simulations
Extremely flexible/configurable design
Easy to use software
Cons: Steep learning curve
I've been using the AX8 with great results since the fall of 2018. I found the initial learning curve steep as the product is so deep and the design so flexible. I also has some bumps getting comfortable with the live sound but once I discovered the Atomic CLR (with Neo speaker), I was very, very happy with the overall sound, feel and performance.

The AX8 comes with a huge variety of amp models, cab simulations, awesome effects. You can configure it for use with any kind of music for country to jazz to classic rock, funk/r&b, death metal, hell, Lithuanian Yak chants, if that's your thing :) It can also be used in a wide variety of setups from recording to live performance into FOH, monitors, or even guitar amps.

It also provides interfaces for up to 4 expression pedals, two sets of stereo outputs, MIDI and S/PDIF interfaces too.

The hardware's user interface is rather deep and can be intimidating. It's a bit clunky, IMO but with the free software that Fractal provides, you'll be working on your sounds in no time.

I highly recommend the AX8 for overall realism, utility, flexibility, power and a very stunning array of effects. I would caution people who are easily frustrated with technology; there may be other modelers more suited to them.

Here's a little video I did using the AX8 on four guitar tracks (Strat, Les Paul and Danelectro guitars were used).
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