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Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Wound Strings
Pros: Great feeling, sounding, lasting and playing strings. They make standard sets for Guitar (Acoustic too) and Bass, or they will make you custom sets at no extra charge. They have 6,7,8,9 & 12 string guitar sets as well as Baritone, single and bulk sets. Their Customer Service is AWESOME.
Cons: Expensive ($11.99 per 6 string set of "Signatures", and $14.90 for the "Broadway" strings).
Today I'm reviewing Stringjoy's 9.5-46 gauge "Superlight Plus" strings (Gauges: .0095 – .013 – .016 – .026w – .034 – .046) that I use on all of my Telecasters. Now a quick note before I start; Belonging to a few musician's forums, I am always looking for the "small details" that can impact and improve my overall tone. Of course strings (and picks) have shown to play a big role for me in that category. But over the years, I also learned that this industry is full of big promises only to find that the price tag has nothing to do either with the quality (or lack thereof) of a string or with how a business is actually run. Subsequently, my string choices have occasionally let me down (physically or ethically) just when I needed them most. But not with Stringjoy.

It was about 2 years ago when I found my
supplier of strings to have fizzled out (story for another day). I was beginning to worry as it was clear I needed to find another source that was (list not in any order):

1) Reliable
2) Felt good to the touch
3) Held tuning after bends
4) Sounded great
5) Consistant
6) Lasted more than a few hours of heavy playing.
(And I was willing to pay a bit more if I could find something that lasted longer).

So I searched "The Gear Page" and I found out about Stringjoy. The reviews were glowing (almost to a fault) but I figured that a company that's been in business for some 6 years had to have it together. And if you were not a good music company making strings in Nashville......everyone would know. So, I went on the website, found what I wanted and a few days later these arrived.


IMG_4573 (1).jpg

I noticed a few things right off the bat. First, they came in great packaging. Second, they came sealed in plastic . Third, there was a "Rewards" card inside that I would soon find out would reward me if I continued to use Stringjoy strings. Now the first guitar I put them on was my '63 Fender CS Telecaster (Ocean Turquoise). Note: In my younger days, I'd run 10's on my Tele's, but some mild arthritis has set in so I had to drop down to 9.5's so I could play with a lot less pain during a gig. Here's a shot of my Tele.


The Stringjoy website says this about the 9.5 set:

"These are going to be perfect for anyone who wants the fullness of a set of .010s, but with the flexibility of a set of .009s. With this set, you can bump the size up just a little bit without having to commit to a full leap. And if you think about it, your shoes come in half sizes, so why shouldn’t your guitar strings?"

And they were right. The first thing I noticed after I strung up my Tele was that the strings felt as though I had sprayed them with some Finger Ease. My fingers glided up and down the E, A & D strings with such comfort. Then I noticed that after playing some double stops, whole step bends and other classic Tele licks that the strings held tune beautifully. I usually play my guitars for about a half hour before gigging with a new set. With the Stringjoy's, I didn't have to put nearly as much effort into pre-streching since they held tune so well within a very short period of time aftet I strung them up. After a while of using these strings, here's the actual review I posted on their website:

"Been playing/touring in working bands (original & cover), doing session work and teaching for a long time now. Over the years I've used a lot of different strings. While a lot of string companies make some real good products, Stringjoy Strings have such a great tactile feel, they stay in-tune (especially after major glisses/bends/dives/vibrato movements) and they seem to have a longer lifespan than other strings I've used while maintaining a great balance of lows, mids & highs. They sound great on P90's, Humbuckers and Single Coils. And if you look you'll see that here's just too many 5 Star ratings to ignore the fact that everyone else trying them loves them as much as I do. Do yourself a favor and just buy one pack of Stringjoy Signatures. Then use your own ears & fingers to see how your guitar & amp reacts and notice just how easier they are to play versus other strings".

Final remarks:

Now I'm using the Nickel Wound "Signatures" that are $11.90 per set, (and I know that can buy you two sets of Ernie Ball Nickel strings). But EB's are not for me just like Strat's are not for some; it's a personal choice. Stringjoy also offers Pure Nickel strings called "Broadways" for about $3 more per set. Some may find paying $14.90 for a set of Pure Nickel Strings is not worth it and I have yet to try them as they are a relatively new offering from Stringjoy. But I plan on ordering a set and adding a review in the near future. I highly recommend you giv e them a try too!


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your idol
your idol
Theyre all i will use now. Their 12s play like rigid 10s so i get the tone i want without the hand fatigue. They last forever and feel great and keep their zing for a long time.
I put a set on a guitar about week ago and this is what I wrote in the Discussion thread:

I put a set on a guitar a couple days ago. They are coming off tomorrow. I bought them based on all the great reviews. I thought I would give them a try and see what the hype is all. They sound dead. I don't know what the whole "balanced" thing is suppose to be about but I don't like them. Very lifeless but I will say they do bend very easy. Other than that I don't like them at all. YMMV
They are all I use now. The only downside is you have to order them. I was sold on them in the first few minutes on a Strat. Have them on my LP's my PRS my Strat 2 Teles and an EPI Casino. Like the OP I have a little arthritis in my hands and fingers so I'm using .009 -.042's.

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