Sinvertek No. 5 Distortion (a Killer compact two channel pedal)

A great Mid to High Gain Distortion Pedal that's programmable and set up like an amp.

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Pros: Extremely convincing Mid to High Gain amp tones. Has a complete and wide range of tonal capabilities (just like an amp would) with Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence controls. Has an easily programmable Boost or Gain function. Also has Toggle Switching allowing for even more EQ possibilities. Only $129 for a Two Channel functioning pedal.
Cons: Only uses a A/C powered 9v Power supply (not included). Must choose between being able to use the pre programmable Boost or Gain during two channel function.
Two things: 1) I don't need to say a lot about this pedal. That's because Sinvertek figured out how to make a compact pedal with more features thatn any other pedal I've come across in a long time.
2) I was not familiar with Sinvertek. So far, with some minor tweaks, I can get this pedal to sound just how Pete promised; I could make it sound like his signature PT 100. I could also make it sound like a Victory VX Kracken amp.

Using a Grosh SSH Retro Custom into a Bogner ATMA, I could literally have two very unique Marshall DVA style of modded amps. I prefer using the preprogrammed Boost as it adds about 3dB of Volume so my leads just leapt out of the mix. Rather than bore you anymore, here's a Demo by Pete Thorn that just does this pedal justice:

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77 Les Paul
77 Les Paul
I've had some time to really tweak this pedal to work with my Tone King Imnperial MK II now. Combined with an Origin Effects Compact Deluxe and it just rips.

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